MIKKA CBD Glossy Lip Recover Review


Over the last couple of years, the variety of CBD skincare products has massively increased.

Whereas these were once considered something of a novelty, the fact is that high-quality examples – such as those produced by MIKKA – have clearly helped a good number of people.

By incorporating only the very best organic hemp they are capable of delivering results where mass market knock-offs simply fall short.

When we heard that MIKKA had launched a CBD glossy lip recovery balm we simply had to check it out.

So many people are left feeling short-changed from the type of lip balms you can buy on the high street. We were intrigued to find out if one infused with luscious top-quality CBD would actually work.

Help Your Lips Recover

Let’s face it – there are dozens of reasons why you may be experiencing inflammation around your lips resulting in painful inflammation.

Chafing and flakiness can be caused by something as simple as dehydration or exposure to bad weather, or an issue related to nutrient deficiency, drug use or a host of underlying medical conditions.

Whatever the cause, getting rid of such an apparently straightforward issue can prove a nightmare.

Many ‘traditional’ lip recovery balms require repeat application throughout the day and simply stop working after a short while. So could applying CBD to your lips make all the difference?

When it comes to skin application, high-quality CBD infused balms tend to have a pretty solid track record. For legal reasons we cannot promise that they’ll definitely work. However, from anecdotal experience we can say that many people have found them great.

People are different and a host of factors (not least the quality of the extract) determine how well it may help supplement your body. But it may deliver success and visible results where everything else has fallen short.

Hemp has long been regarded for its various supplementary properties and is packed full of vitamins and minerals which are essential for maintaining healthy skin.

Top-quality CBD extracts such as those used in the MIKKA recover balm retain the vast majority of these nutrients.

MIKKA CBD Skincare Products

MIKKA also manufacture two other outstanding skincare products – a CBD Face Cream and an Eye Recover Serum.

Why MIKKA CBD Glossy Lip Recover Is Different

Best Place To Buy

This is without question one of the most ‘premium’ products that we’ve ever reviewed. The price tag is justified simply because MIKKA only use the most genuinely outstanding hemp extracts in their products.

When it comes to CBD it’s essential to use as much of the natural plant as possible without compromising its organic qualities. The best – and sadly only a small minority – of hemp plants harvested for this purpose will be entirely organically grown without a drop of chemical fertiliser or pesticides.

MIKKA only use extracts that have been produced by CO2 processing – resulting in the purest and richest source of essential cannabinoids minus the unwanted psychoactive THC.

This pure extract is then mixed with a host of other naturally sourced ingredients (primarily organic oils, waxes and butter) with food-grade binding agents.

As a result, the MIKKA range of products – including this lip balm – offers an ideal composition for delivering world-class CBD straight to your skin.

As with all CBD products, there are no negative side effects to be concerned about. This balm may be packed full of wonderful cannabinoids but falls well below the UK legal limit of 0.2%. Naturally, this means that there’s absolutely no chance that anyone using this product will feel/become remotely high, flag up on drug testing or be impaired to drive.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Our testing panel absolutely loved this product. Not only did their lips universally feel better after just a couple of days but they looked better too!

A particularly popular factor was that one application was enough to see most through the day - which considering the rather high price that this balm commands is most certainly a good thing!

As with most aspects of CBD, you get what you pay for. In our experience quality matters far more than composite 'strength' when it comes to achieving observable results or benefits, and this balm has such quality by the bucketload.

It's a seriously high-quality product that may just offer the ultimate solution for those unlucky enough to suffer from serious lip issues and complaints.

Highly recommended for those who have found no real success with typical balms.

A CBD infused lip balm that has a proven track record of anecdotal success.
Contains only the best organic and eco-friendly CBD extract.
Formulated with a host of other skin-boosting ingredients.
A little will go a long way - this product will last most people 2-5 months depending on application routine.
Manufactured in the UK under pharma standard conditions.
Currently only available with 100mg CBD - a 300mg option would be a good addition.
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