Mountain Fox CBD Additive 500mg

Mountain Fox CBD Additive 500mg

Mountain Fox CBD Additive 500mgNow and again a product arrives that just makes life so much easier!

In the wonderful world of CBD, the Mountain Fox Additive (5%) is a solution well worth considering by anyone who appreciates the advantages of vaping but may be struggling with the taste.

For anyone fresh to the scene, there are many ways of taking CBD – capsules, drops and via vape being the big three.

All have their advantages, but when it comes to ensuring minimal wastage and proper ingestion, vaping is the most reliable and efficient.

But the issue for many folks is the taste.

Some CBD e-liquids are quite benign, others are a fair bit more full on.

So why not just add a few drops to your favourite e-liquid?

Much as it can sound a bit of a hassle, the process takes at most a dozen seconds. All that needs to be done is plop a couple of drops into your tank.

We’ll get to dosage quantities later, but if you’d like to enjoy your CBD hand in hand with an e-liquid of your choice, then this may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

What’s An Additive?

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Sounds a bit spooky at first glance, right?

Rest assured, CBD is neither addictive, psychoactive or going to make anyone high.

The whole point is removing the THC while retaining the many cannabinoids that may help with countless health issues.

This is simply a top grade extract that you can add to your preferred e-liquid.

Whether you may prefer classic tobacco or something far more exotic, it will deliver that goodness while being totally undetectable to your palette.

Just to add another bit of reassurance, it’s made from fully EU and USP certified ingredients.

Mountain Fox also uses only organic hemp and non-toxic extraction methods. To put it bluntly, there’s probably more chemicals in an off the shelf supermarket tomato!

Tips On Application

It doesn’t make any difference if using nicotine-based or free e-liquid. That’s a personal choice.

What we can express from quite a bit of experimentation is that it may not be wise to use with high VG (vegetable glutamate) liquid. The only reason for this would be wastage by chasing those clouds, and considering that this is a premium quality product, it’d be a shame to see it go to waste.

A straightforward, over the counter e-liquid is more than sufficient. An 80/20% PG/VG ratio is fine. But of course, feel free to add a drop or two to whatever flavour and brand you like.

It will blend perfectly well with any liquid you choose. There is no sinkage or settling and it makes no difference if you apply it to the tank first or second.

Just give it a quick shake and you’re all set.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

For ease of use and sheer manufacturing pedigree, make no mistake this is a top-tier product.

Sure, it's towards the more expensive end of the market, but consider that there's no need for more than a drop or two a day and that 10ml bottle will stretch a long way.

When vaping your CBD it's always a good idea to use a dedicated CBD vaporizer.

There's need for anything flashy, quality vape pens can be found for £20 nowadays, with maybe a fiver for some fresh atomizers and another for decent liquid. When combined with this, a few draws a couple of times a day is all that's needed.

Add as much, or as little, to your existing e-liquid
Excellent quality
High strength
Made from EU certified CBD
100% lab tested
There may be a temptation to add too much to your vape. Remember - less means more!
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