Plenty Vaporizer Review

Volcano Plenty Vaporizer

It may resemble something you’d pick up the local DIY store, but make no mistake – this is one of the best desktop vaporizers out there.

German company Storz & Bickel go heavy not just on the industrial aesthetic but also on performance. They’re probably the best vape engineers in the world right now.

So while it may look bizarre, you’ll just have to take our word when we say with absolute confidence that this will change the way you look at vaping.

Perfect for ‘aromatherapy use’ be it dry herb or concentrates, it has everything anyone could wish for and delivers a quality that will knock your socks off.

Specifications & Features

As with all of their products, the Plenty vaporizer is designed from medical grade, vegetarian, and eco-friendly components.

This is an A/C unit that doesn’t have a built-in battery, meaning that much as we’d like to carry it about (and enjoy the funny looks we’d get from passers-by), you’ll need to have this plugged in for static use, hence the ‘desktop’ label.

You can use this anywhere indoors, and thanks to a long cable and being a lightweight 0.7kg, is easy to pass around and share. Our only word of warning would be the exposed metal coil – it can get pretty warm after long sessions but isn’t going to scold anyone (the built-in temperature controls prevent that).

Temperature is controlled by two settings. First of all, you determine which ‘level’ of heat you wish on a scale of 1-7 by using a handy little wheel attached at the side.

This sets the heating element (dual convection and current) to work, and you’ll see the little temperature dial start to rise at the front. A light will flash on when it reaches the desired heat, and you’re good to go.

Interestingly, that will fluctuate determining on the depth and speed of your draws. While it takes only a minute or so to warm up even to the highest settings, it’s interesting to watch as after being idle it automatically switches off.

To get it back to optimum temperature, just squeeze the handle and it’ll be back up to heat in seconds.

Plenty Vaporizer: A UK Review

The Plenty vaporizer will make your portable vape will feel very second rate.

An Out Of This World Vaping Experience

Despite the unusual appearance, it’s an extremely ergonomic way to enjoy your vaping session.

Vapour is dispensed by squeezing the handle and is produced in almost ultimate silence. Long gone are the days or raspy draws!

In a more practical sense, the temperature management system is seriously impressive and designed very much to preserve your herbs and concentrate by minimising wastage.

It’s one of the many reasons to love Storz & Bickel – they design all of their products for your convenience, and the Plenty vaporizer is the perfect demonstration of that commendable ethos.

When it comes to the actual quality – just expect the absolute best possible. All of their premium grade vaporizers use a similar design that’s tried and tested, trusted and proven to deliver the best standard of clouds imaginable.

Expect giant big clouds with the Plenty when it’s used at higher temperatures – but unlike typical ‘cloud chasing’ vaporizers they don’t retain any burnt notes or unpleasant hot spots.

The metal coils exist for a reason – they provide extremely efficient cooling notes to the vapour, making your clouds pretty much as heavenly as imaginable.

Storz & Bickel Quality Counts

Best Place To Buy

You can probably tell that our review team has a lot of time for these guys, and it’s not without good reason.

They’re so confident in the durability and effectiveness of the Plenty vaporizer that they offer a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee on every unit.

As great as that is, one of the quirks of this unit is that apart from the A/C charge there are next to no replaceable components although spares are easily available.

Everything supplied in the box ought to last for years. There are additional accessories available (such as glass mouthpieces) which tempt us for trying out further down the line, but for a static vape kit, this is absolutely the bee’s knees.

In terms of durability, it’s difficult to relay exactly how ‘hard’ this device is. We weren’t going to risk flinging it down the stairs but anecdotal experience from other users suggest that it’s going to brush off the occasional domestic mishap with ease.

Besides the plastic casing all other components are metallic and one of the reasons why the ‘power tool’ analogy is equally useful when describing this vaporizer.

It delivers impeccable quality but with the exact durability that you’d expect from such a prestigious name.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 15.5cm x 22.5cm x 5.5cm
Temperature Range 225°F to 446°F
Oven Volume 0.3g
Heating Method Convection & Conduction Hybrid
Finish Plastic
Weight 0.7kg
Heat-up Time 1+ mins
Powered By Power supply


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Conclusion & Rating

Anyone wanting a brilliant static vaporizer that will change the way you enjoy your herbs and concentrates must consider adding this to their domestic appliances!

It's a revolutionary, uniquely designed product that delivers with unbelievable consistency and reliability.

Easy to use and maintain while offering incredible functionality, this is perhaps a personal favourite from a world-class manufacturer.

Don't be put off by the wacky design - this is not a gimmick or a toy - it's simply revolutionary.

World class vape. It's easy claimed but this is hands down one of the best we have ever tried.
Ideal for use about the house, simple to share and enjoy for personal use.
Works well with both dry herb and concentrates, very little wastage.
Easy to clean and maintain with very little reliance on replacement parts/components.
Nice range of accessories (grinder already included!) to suit all tastes.
Your portable vape will feel very second rate.
Be careful with the coil after a long session.
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