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Prohibited Vaporizer UK

Dry herb and concentrate vaporizers have been a major part of the U.S vape scene for years and finally, the signs are that the U.K market is hotting up for these astonishingly powerful devices.

The Prohibited In The 5th Degree vaporizer has been making headlines on the other side of the pond not just for having earned a wealth of five-star reviews, but also for being unquestionably the ‘coolest’ vaporizer ever to hit the market.

Now available in the UK, this is hands-down the Rolls-Royce of dry herb and concentrate vaping with a staggering range of features and settings that frankly blow even the best rivals totally out of the water.

Contents & Design Quality

Prohibited In The 5th Degree is unashamedly stylish, hip and contemporary.

All too often powerful vaporizers suitable for dry herbs have been curiously bland and rarely deviate from the slightly dull matt-black finish.

The same cannot be said for The 5th Degree which comes in ‘Bone’ (white), ‘Struck’ (mauve), ‘Jade’ (turquoise) and ‘Singed’ (black) with the brand name stamped onto the end of the unit in an indie script.

Two cartridges are included in the basic kit and both offer a handier than it sounds magnetic connectivity to the battery unit – one for dry herbs and one for concentrates.

Also included are a USB charger, UK wall adapter, and a cleaning/pick kit.

An onboard chipset automatically detects the kind of cartridge that has been attached and configures itself to an optimum temperature and voltage.

The two magnetic cartridges: one for concentrates; the other for dry herbs. Both included.

Of course, these can be manually adjusted but in our experience, this was only necessary when using slightly moist herbs.

Otherwise, the onboard settings are pretty much spot on and will satisfy all but the fussiest of vapers!

It’s also worth noting that this is easily the quickest unit we’ve ever seen when it comes to warm up times. It was ready to vape dry herb in about ten seconds, nearly twice as quick as the otherwise impressive PAX 3. It’s the only other dry herb vaporizer that gives the Prohibited In The 5th Degree a fair run for its money.

The Performance – Just WOW!

The dry herb cartridge was very easy to load (something which cannot be said for a depressingly large number of vaporizers) and had a decent capacity.

With a nearly fully loaded tank, we managed to eek out just shy of thirty long deep draws, and impressively the unit ‘times out’ after a short period without use preventing unnecessary wastage while also being a reassuring additional safety feature.

The vape generated was little short of amazing thanks largely to the intelligent temperature settings. Even right towards the end of the session, each draw was consistently smooth and flavourful without any hint of burn.

Buy NowAfter being blown away by the dry herb function, we switched over to the concentrate tank – a process which took literally five seconds thanks to that easy connectivity! Once again, the onboard chip automatically set itself to an appropriate temperature and we were good to go.

The battery unit displays three lights depending on what settings are being used – and again these are easily adjusted should you wish a fuller on or more gentle vape.

Battery life was equally impressive and charging can be done either by USB (pass-through friendly) or straight from the mains (always quicker).

From a full charge, we’d be surprised if the Prohibited In The 5th Degree vaporizer were to conk out unless in constant use for hours on end.

Heating up herbs is energy intensive and no device currently out there is sure to last 24 hours of non-stop use, but speaking purely from anecdote and experience this kit did not let us down. It charged up from near empty in about an hour and a half from the mains.

Forbes“… This bad boy of branding is a dual purpose vaporizer, for loose leaf and concentrates, with two magnetically attached cartridges and quick charging. … Marketing aside, the Prohibited 5th Degree is a pretty solid vape….”
Source: Forbes

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Conclusion & Rating

It's extremely rare for a vaporizer to hit the market which you can frankly say that there are not very many ways where it could be improved upon.

Everything about the Prohibited In The 5th Degree just oozes class and you can tell that an enormous amount of thought and effort has gone into designing what is, at the moment, the ultimate dry herb vaporizer on the UK market.

In terms of sheer performance and enjoyment (after all that's what it's about), this is a dream of a vaporizer that's going to match the expectations of even the most demanding user.

So to sum up, if you're looking for the best dry herb/concentrate vaporizer, and want a device that will deliver years of satisfaction - look no further. A well earned five out of five!

Best dry herb vaporiser in the UK 2019.
Multi-use: Dry Herb & Concentrates.
Very fast heat up time.
Variable voltage and temperature.
Highly portable and stylish.
Magnetic cartridges & charger.
Incredibly easy to use.
Available in 4 different colours.
Not suitable for vaping e-liquids or CBD vape oils.
The temperature settings are somewhat limited. 3 options for dry herb: 390°F, 415°F or 440°F, and 3 options for concentrates: 3.7V, 4.2V or 4.7V).
For those put off by the slightly high price tag, we recommend the V2 Pro Series 7 - a similar device but with a lower spec chip.
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