MIKKA CBD Glossy Lip Recover Review


Over the last couple of years, the variety of CBD skincare products has massively increased.

Whereas these were once considered something of a novelty, the fact is that high-quality examples – such as those produced by MIKKA – have clearly helped a good number of people.

By incorporating only the very best organic hemp they are capable of delivering results where mass market knock-offs simply fall short.

When we heard that MIKKA had launched a CBD glossy lip recovery balm we simply had to check it out.

So many people are left feeling short-changed from the type of lip balms you can buy on the high street. We were intrigued to find out if one infused with luscious top-quality CBD would actually work.

Help Your Lips Recover

Let’s face it – there are dozens of reasons why you may be experiencing inflammation around your lips resulting in painful inflammation.

Chafing and flakiness can be caused by something as simple as dehydration or exposure to bad weather, or an issue related to nutrient deficiency, drug use or a host of underlying medical conditions.

Whatever the cause, getting rid of such an apparently straightforward issue can prove a nightmare.

Many ‘traditional’ lip recovery balms require repeat application throughout the day and simply stop working after a short while. So could applying CBD to your lips make all the difference?

When it comes to skin application, high-quality CBD infused balms tend to have a pretty solid track record. For legal reasons we cannot promise that they’ll definitely work. However, from anecdotal experience we can say that many people have found them great.

People are different and a host of factors (not least the quality of the extract) determine how well it may help supplement your body. But it may deliver success and visible results where everything else has fallen short.

Hemp has long been regarded for its various supplementary properties and is packed full of vitamins and minerals which are essential for maintaining healthy skin.

Top-quality CBD extracts such as those used in the MIKKA recover balm retain the vast majority of these nutrients.

MIKKA CBD Skincare Products

MIKKA also manufacture two other outstanding skincare products – a CBD Face Cream and an Eye Recover Serum.

Why MIKKA CBD Glossy Lip Recover Is Different

Best Place To Buy

This is without question one of the most ‘premium’ products that we’ve ever reviewed. The price tag is justified simply because MIKKA only use the most genuinely outstanding hemp extracts in their products.

When it comes to CBD it’s essential to use as much of the natural plant as possible without compromising its organic qualities. The best – and sadly only a small minority – of hemp plants harvested for this purpose will be entirely organically grown without a drop of chemical fertiliser or pesticides.

MIKKA only use extracts that have been produced by CO2 processing – resulting in the purest and richest source of essential cannabinoids minus the unwanted psychoactive THC.

This pure extract is then mixed with a host of other naturally sourced ingredients (primarily organic oils, waxes and butter) with food-grade binding agents.

As a result, the MIKKA range of products – including this lip balm – offers an ideal composition for delivering world-class CBD straight to your skin.

As with all CBD products, there are no negative side effects to be concerned about. This balm may be packed full of wonderful cannabinoids but falls well below the UK legal limit of 0.2%. Naturally, this means that there’s absolutely no chance that anyone using this product will feel/become remotely high, flag up on drug testing or be impaired to drive.


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MIKKA Skincare Skin Structure Face Cream with CBD & Collagen Review


Not too long ago people had a limited choice when deciding how to take CBD – by capsules, by oil drops, or by vaping hemp-based e-liquids.

The CBD market has recently exploded with a huge variety of other products, with the beauty and skincare market being one of the largest growing sectors.

As with all infused consumables quality is key which is why we were very excited to learn of the new MIKKA CBD face cream, which is exclusively available at VSAVI.

Boosted by collagen and a host of other essential minerals and vitamins, could this finally be a hemp-based skincare product that’s worth its price tag? Let’s find out!

About The MIKKA Face Cream

The first thing to always look for in any CBD product is the organic qualities of the finished product as well as the environmental soundness of the manufacturing process.

It’s essential when producing a top-quality extract to ensure that the cannabinoids are as pure and uncontaminated as possible.

MIKKA Skincare Skin Structure Face Cream with CBD & Collagen

We’re delighted to report that the MIKKA CBD face cream is made from entirely organic, eco-friendly hemp extract that’s been processed using the best CO2 techniques going.

Best Place To Buy

When it comes to beauty products this is especially important as they are inevitably going to comprise many different ingredients, and it would be easy for less scrupulous manufacturers to slip in some nasty chemicals without many people being any the wiser.

THC is removed using the same process involved in removing caffeine from coffee beans and involves zero nasty chemicals at any stage.

Once this stage is complete, it’s then simply added to a carefully blended face cream comprised of entirely natural ingredients allied with food-grade binding agents. This is fortified with collagen, widely believed (and tried and tested) to help reduce the emergence of wrinkles and age-related blemishes.

So, Does It Work?

OK, so what we have here is a truly premium grade CBD skincare product that’s fortified with plenty of additional goodness.

But will it actually work? Well, this is a perfectly valid question because as with anything in the beauty world you tend to get what you pay for – and this is most certainly a high flying face cream.

Having consulted with a few people who have already tried out the MIKKA skin structure cream, it does appear to have made a considerable difference. Bianca London (a columnist for the Glamour Magazine) for example has also reported a wide degree of success using this product.

Anecdotally – we hate to stress that word but it’s necessary – everyone who we spoke to who tried this cream did report a much smoother and silkier skin.

We found that it only takes a tiny little dab of this cream to entirely cover the face, meaning that the pot should last several months worth of daily use.

For us, that went quite a distance in justifying the admittedly quite high price tag that MIKKA command for this very high quality, very specialist product. It smells absolutely divine too!


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CBD Asylum Muscle Rub 200mg


CBD Muscle RubOur regular readers may remember when we reviewed the Pro Shot from CBD Asylum – a concentrated dose you’d add to your post-workout recovery beverage.

It remains a higher popular product, and CBD Asylum seem set to branch out even further into the sports/fitness market.

Their Muscle Rub is designed especially to help you recover from those aches and strains of physical overexertion.

This is the first muscle rub containing CBD – on these shores at least. So what does it offer?

Is It A Lotion? Is It A Recovery Aid?

This was the first thing we were looking to figure out, and honestly we’re not entirely sure!

The first thing you notice when cracking open the pot (which is 100ml in size) is that it does admittedly smell rather nice. If you like the smell of Germolene, you’ll love the smell of this!

Perhaps in order to mask the post-gym session sweat, it incorporates rich scents such as black pepper and eucalyptus that’s off-set by considerably softer peppermint and Wintergreen. It smells a heck of a lot better than Deep Heat, that’s for sure!

We didn’t notice any physical sensation when trying this product out. Shouldn’t a muscle care supplement tingle a bit? To get the blood flowing a tad? Apparently not, yet CBD Asylum say with confidence that this is “the most effective muscle rub on the market”. We’re certainly inclined to agree with them!

CBD Muscle Rub UK

Packing A Good Amount Of CBD

Best Place To Buy

CBD companies in the UK have to be extremely careful – they’re not permitted to give assurances that their product will definitely cure or assist with any particular ailment – and that extends to post-workout therapy too.

Make no mistake – 200mg of their highly impressive organic CBD in a 100ml pot is a very generous quantity.

Offering Swift Absorption

This is undoubtedly one of the best CBD products out there for topical use because it absorbs right into the skin. Just apply it to clean dry skin, preferably half hour or so after a shower so no sweat gets in the way.

How much you use, and how you measure it, is difficult to say. CBD Asylum recommend those carrying a ‘knock’ should try using it three times a day. How much of a dose is anyone’s guess, and a personal choice (which in all fairness they do explain).

For a CBD enriched skincare product it’s unmistakably great value for what you get.

Great Quality Extract

Something to be aware about CBD Asylum is that they use some of the best extracts in the UK right now. Entirely organic, sourced from licensed hemp farms, and extracted using only ecologically sound CO2 methods – it really is outstanding stuff.


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CBD Asylum Moisturising Cream 200mg


CBD Asylum Moisturising Cream 200mgCBD Asylum already have a body butter in their repertoire of fine CBD wares, so why also include a separate moisturiser?

It’s a fair question and one that also happens to have a conveniently straightforward answer!

The body butter is not designed for facial use due to the vegetable oil content.

Plenty of people make this mistake, believing that the CBD content may help with facial dermatological problems. It doesn’t quite work like that, which is why they have chosen to release this specialist moisturising cream designed specifically for use on the face.

Claiming to protect and heal all types of skin, we obviously had to put it through its paces. Here’s what we found.

Is 200mg Of CBD Enough?

This 100ml pot contains 200mg of top-class CBD (more on that later). Compared to other products on the market that may not sound a huge amount, but the CBD Asylum experts – and they genuinely do know what they are doing – explain this as being around the minimum strength that will hopefully help most people.

More importantly, for those of us who like to look after our bank balances, it’s staggering more affordable than many other CBD moisturising creams. It’s about a third the average price, and in our eyes that really does count for something!

Packed With Additional Goodness

Best Place To Buy

So, we’re content with the active content so what else does this bargain cream have to offer?

We’re not going to list them all, but with CBD Asylum you can be assured that everything that goes into their products is 100% certifiable organic and vegan-friendly.

Ginseng, chamomile, lavender and a host of others do combine to deliver a very sensuous and certainly not overpowering scent. All of these provide a host of benefits to the skin, providing a soothing and protective layer that will actively prevent dryness and dehydration.

Regular use will help protect against wrinkles and maintain a healthy, active glow.

Best CBD Moisturiser

It’s ideal for facial use.

Why CBD Asylum?

OK so we have a very nice moisturising cream that also packs a sensible amount of CBD – but why opt for this ahead of one of the other options out there?

Well, the aforementioned price is all well and good – but bear in mind that these are one of the best companies in the UK at the moment.

They use only the best hemp across their range, which is grown entirely naturally and without the use of any nasty chemicals. After all, would you want to smear traces of those over your face? Likely not!

Perhaps even more importantly they specialise in using CO2 extraction methods. Without delving into the technicalities, this eco-friendly technique delivers the purest CBD without a trace of psychoactive THC. So you can use this full in the knowledge that it’ll not make you high, it’s safe to drive, and of course, should never flag on a drugs test.


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CBD Asylum Body Butter 200mg


CBD Asylum Body Butter 200mgPeople take their CBD in a wide variety of ways. Even just a couple of years ago, most people were pretty much limited to capsules, oil drops or perhaps the very new e-liquids that had just hit the scene.

These days it can be found in an enormous range of products. One of the most popular happens to be in skin care products – with body butter and moisturising balms among the most popular.

CBD Asylum has recently entered the game by releasing their own 200mg CBD Body Butter.

Compared to the majority of other butters out there, they have priced this at a staggeringly affordable level.

But is it actually value for money at this strength? Let’s take a closer look.

What’s Inside The Pot?

Well, alongside the CBD of course, the principal ingredients are shea butter, cocoa butter, and vegetable oil.

Anyone who has used this kind of product before will know that this simple combination can provide excellent protective and restorative benefits to the skin.

The inclusion of CBD helps add a potential antioxidant element which makes the key ingredients even more effective.

Even better – that CBD will seamlessly absorb into the body at the same time. As one would expect from this company, all of their ingredients are 100% organic and vegan-friendly.

What About The CBD Content?

Best Place To Buy

It’s important to look at this in context. We’re obviously not going to second guess any dosage – that would be unethical and frankly irresponsible. In fact, we’re not legally permitted to do so.

But 200mg (in a 200ml tub by the way) is going to be an ideal level of dose for newcomers to the wonderful world of CBD. It’s always recommended that people start off low and build up from there, and in that regard, this is a perfectly valid product.

A key advantage of this product – and one of the reasons why topicals have become so much more popular – is that it can be applied to specific areas.

Once again – no promises – but it has found much favour amongst sports professionals.

It can be applied anywhere on the body. However, it may not be the best option for facial application due to the vegetable oil content. If you want a good product that you want to apply facially, we’d highly recommend their CBD moisturising cream.

Is It Safe To Use?

There’s no THC (the psychoactive component that provides intoxication) in this product. You could bathe in it and then pass any drugs test! Naturally, this means that it’s also entirely safe to drive.

Never forget that when it comes to any kind of CBD product, quality counts ahead of strength for all but specialist requirements.

What we have here is a genuinely impressive CBD body butter at a very attractive and affordable price point.



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Endoca Hemp Whipped Body Butter

Looking for a topical way to absorb your CBD? Well, there’s a chance that Endoca may have developed the absolute best in the business.

Those unfamiliar with the name – they’ve only recently started to gain traction on the UK market – can be assured of one thing. They develop their extracts to a standard that not very many can match.

Their hemp is grown in over 2,000 acres of farmland to entirely eco-friendly and chemical-free standards.

The CBD is extracted by only CO2-based techniques – meaning that all the goodness from the plant is retained without any pollution or corruption.

Make no mistake – this is a premium grade product and something a little bit towards the more ‘exclusive’ end of the market. However, it carries an outstanding quantity of CBD and a little will stretch a long way.

Are Topicals A Reliable Alternative?

Let’s face it – not everyone enjoys vaping, and it’s well known that capsules tend to lose their efficiency when they’re passed through the digestive tract. However, there are other ways of absorbing CBD into the system.

Body butter can be absorbed into the bloodstream with next to no wastage. Just apply it after a shower to dry skin and allow around ten minutes before doing anything hectic.

Dosing accurately may be a problem, so the less than standard ‘finger dab’ is the best way to gauge it. Either way, a fingernail of this is going to be plenty enough for most people to enjoy the potential advantages of this outstanding supplement.

Packed With Additional Benefits

Best Place To Buy

Something that Endoca does especially well is combining their range of CBD products with additional natural goodness.

In this case, their body butter is packed with additional nutrients. It’s not only rich in antioxidants, but also fortified with vitamin E thanks to it being based on organic hemp oil.

That base also happens to help with rapid absorption through the skin, as well as providing natural moisturisation. Besides these two key ingredients, there’s beeswax (a natural antioxidant), coconut oil for additional suppleness, shea butter, cocoa butter, and a little vanilla for fragrance.

The key has to be the quality of the CBD content though. It will stretch a long way if it is used carefully.

Each tub weighs in at 100ml, so most people will only need to use it very sparingly.

Ideal For Skin Care & Protection

Alongside the antioxidant properties, there are particular reasons why this may suit those who are looking to care for skin complaints.

This body butter helps to provide and support moisture thanks to it being packed with essential lipids. Perhaps most important of all, it’ll provide a natural barrier to protect the skin from daily damage.

Endorsed By Third Parties

All Endoca products are endorsed by independent testing. Send an email to their very friendly customer service team and they’ll send you a copy of any test report.

This product offers a great amount of world-class sativa extract in a snug little pot.


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Endoca Hemp Salve 750mg

One thing you may well have noticed over the last couple of years is the sheer variety of CBD-infused products that are now available in the UK.

Endoca is quite possibly the best in the business when it comes to variety (as well as quality), offering not just oils and capsules but also a variety of consumables, lotions and – erm – suppositories!

One of their best selling alternate products has been their 750mg hemp salve, a totally organic and natural cream designed to moisturise, protect and help heal damaged skin.

Packing 750mg of CBD into a 30ml jar, this is indeed a highly concentrated salve, but does it really provide a superior solution to what you may be able to pick up on the high street for a fiver? Read on and be prepared to be surprised!

A Genuinely Superb CBD Salve

It’s well known that CBD salves can be a pretty effective way of absorbing goodness into your body.

At this concentration, a little will go a long way. It’s important to realise that the CBD content will enter your body (slowly) through being absorbed via the skin.

Don’t just consider this lotion to be designed to address dermatological issues alone – if anything, that’s an added bonus.

As you’d expect from Endoca, the product is made from organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

Alongside that mighty serving of CBD, the product contains just food grade coconut oil and beeswax to make up the majority of the bulk.

More interestingly, they’ve also added some cannabis sativa seed oil to complement the subtle scent of vanilla and lemon/citrus. This results in a very light salve that we’re comfortable to describe as being ‘unisex’ – even the gruffest of gentlemen won’t have any problem rubbing this into puffy cheeks or chapped fingers!

Packed Full Of Additional Goodness

Best Place To Buy

The CBD is obviously what it’s all about, and you can be assured that Endoca can quite fairly claim to produce some of the finest extracts in the world.

Their entire operation is managed by themselves – from seed (they have over 2,000 acres of hemp farmland) – to sale.

At no stage do they use anything artificial or chemical-based, and this is certified and authenticated by independent third party testing.

Very few companies are this transparent or confident enough in their products to publish these results on their website, so be assured that your CBD is legitimately world-class.

While this is all well and good, don’t dismiss the fact that this salve also happens to be packed full of other nutrients and antioxidants.

Perhaps more important, is the anti-seborrheic properties that provide the key to combating dermatitis. Those unfortunate enough to suffer from perpetual dry, itchy and flaky skin will be all too aware of how difficult it may be to find a salve that not just provides relief but can actually heal the problem.

The natural oils found in CBD extracts and hemp combined with the famed properties of coconut oil combine to provide superb skin conditioning.

How To Use Endoca Hemp Salve Effectively

Make no mistake – this is a premium grade product and one that you’d likely find behind a glass display case in a high-end beauty shop.

Endoca can justify their prices not just because of the genuine awesomeness of their products, but also because they operate as a non-profit organisation promoting healthy and ecologically sound lifestyles. Their CBD range basically funds a large part of their campaign.

That being said, for a 30ml tin, this is indeed a pricy salve so anyone without money to burn will be interested at how to make it stretch without compromising on effectiveness. Our advice would be to use this sparingly, and only use it to address specific skin complaints.

At this level of strength, you’ll only need a tiny dab to absorb a hefty amount of CBD. For addressing specific complaints, once again remember that it spreads far and wide – a small dab using your fingertip will easily cover the face or pair of hands.


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Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

George Botanicals CBD Balm

George Botanicals CBD BalmGeorge Botanicals have been quietly beavering away making a rather impressive name for themselves recently.

While most of their customer base is focused around their more ‘mainstream’ variety of CBD products, for those not in to vaping or capsule popping, their balms have been attracting ever more interest.

While balms based on cannabis extracts have been around for decades in one form or another, only in the last year or two have specifically CBD-based balms become more accessible.

The skin does serve as not just a natural way of ingesting the compound into the body, but also as a means of helping focus the application.

Plenty of people who use such balms do so to ideally help with the likes of arthritis, as well as recurrent skin issues. They’re also increasingly used to reduce inflammation and muscular wear and tear.

Balms are looking set to be big news in the very near future. So how does George Botanicals 1% CBD balm compare to the opposition?

A More Complex Balm

The majority of other companies out there who have added a line of balms to their product range play it pretty simple.

Most of the time it’s just three or four additional agents combined with the CBD, leaving good quality but perhaps slightly uninspired lotions.

When you check out the George Botanicals 1% balm (300mg of CBD in a 30ml pot) be sure to look at how more complex their formula happens to be.

As well as four different types of butter, there are a variety of additional oils, waxes and vitamin extracts included to make this a truly top quality skincare product.

Even without the CBD, this is the kind of balm that would put many mainstream manufacturers to shame.

While purists may let out a slight yelp at the inclusion of artificial factors, the fact is that these are all organically based extracts. This is essential for one core reason…

Top Class CBD Extract

Quality plays an extraordinary role when it comes to making CBD products ‘better’ or dare we say it more likely to work as hoped.

George Botanicals follow the lead common with all elite-grade businesses in this market by employing only totally organic and solvent free production processes.

Their hemp is a sativa-L strain that’s extracted in a full-spectrum format.

For those unaware of what this means, or why it so crucial, it means that instead of being a ‘pure’ CBD extract it includes dozens of other cannabinoids that are thought to be essential to complement the core product.

Best Place To Buy

While some people – for their own reasons – sometimes steer clear of this in capsule/oil/e-liquid format due to the hempy taste, in a balm it’s totally scent free – so of course, why not use it?

We don’t hesitate to recommend full spectrum ranges of any product. Sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to orally ingest, but when it comes to just rubbing into the skin then there’s no reason not to.

George Botanicals (and plenty of their customers) have found that twice daily application has been plenty to help assist dealing with a broad range of ailments.

We’ll stick out necks out and suggest that this is due to the full spectrum composition as well as top class CO2 only extraction methods.


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Love CBD Balm


Love CBD Balm ReviewThe UK CBD scene has recently seen an influx of balms which add yet another fascinating dimension to this market.

Already well established in the US, until the last couple of years they were rare – if not impossible – to find over here.

Love CBD are perhaps the best known British company who specialise in this style of product, and have forged a reputation as one of the best when it comes balms.

We’re already big fans of these guys (read our full review here) so were eager to see if the hype surround their balm range was worth the while.

Here’s what we discovered.

Three Strengths Of Untouchable Quality

One of the key reasons why so many people buy Love CBD balm is because it’s made from the highest quality extracts going.

As you’d expect from a proper skincare product, it’s entirely organic and comprise of just three ingredients.

As well as the CBD (100mg, 300mg or a mighty 1000mg) the other ingredients are coconut oil, shea butter and grape seed oil.

All of these ‘agents’ are highly regarded by beauticians for the qualities that they offer for healing and maintaining quality skin.

But for us, the standout factor here is being able to choose between the strengths. It isn’t our place to call what strength of dose should ‘work’ for everyone, but what we did find was that even the most mild concentration did work wonders as a skincare product.

Of course, while that is all fine and dandy, if you’re applying for the potential anti-inflammation aspects, we’d aim perhaps a little higher. Yet it’s no surprise to discover that many athletes and gym enthusiasts swear by its restorative qualities. Whether that’s a direct result of the CBD, or the other ingredients present, we cannot say for certain.

Probably The Best Extract On The UK Market

Love CBD Cannabis Infused BalmSo yes, these balms are a nice variety – and obviously do increase in price the higher you go.

We’re not here to discuss Love CBD’s pricing strategy, but will say that their ‘elite tier’ status as one of the best in the business does justify the cost.

If you shop around, there’s quite a few cheaper alternatives that claim to offer “cannabis infused” balms – but more often than not these are based upon chemical based growth and extraction techniques.

These guys differ by using only 100% organic and natural hemp sourced from truly specialist EU based farms.

What we particularly like is that they do not use just one source – their farms stretch from Scandinavia through to Holland and Eastern Europe.

Each of these grows are based on a specialist strain which are extracted via ‘frozen’ CO2 methods meaning you get a final product that is rich in not just CBD, but also associated other cannabinoids and terpenes (all of which are thought to be essential for helping the core extract work better).

Of course, there is a minuscule – we’re talking very small – amount of THC left over, but well below the UK government’s maximum levels. You could bathe in this and never get even in the slightest bit high!

Are Love CBD Balms Worth Trying?

Best Place To Buy

Based upon anecdotal evidence – so take that as intended – there have been many reports of how ‘proper’ quality CBD balms and lotions may help people with long-term skin problems.

Quite how this may help with the likes of dry skin or eczema is not really fully understood, but if you intend on trying such products to hopefully help manage such a condition then balms are highly recommended.

As with all kinds of CBD product though, the quality of manufacture is second only to strength when it comes to the likelihood of it presenting a legit solution.

This is why we’d have to recommend these guys because not only are their balms as close to perfect as organic, vegan and eco-friendly as it gets, but they deliver with absolute consistency every time.

Their extract is fantastic – which is why we’d recommend these balms across the board, either as a stand alone or supplementary aspect of a regular CBD schedule.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.