CBD Asylum Peppermint CBD Oil 1500mg


Peppermint CBD Oil 1500mgLet’s face it – not everyone enjoys the distinct “hempy” taste of full spectrum CBD oils.

CBD Asylum have made it their mission to assist as many people as possible to enjoy the potential benefits of premium grade extracts, and this time they have really thought outside the box!

This peppermint infused MCT-based oil only delivers an aftertaste. When it’s held underneath the tongue you’ll not taste a thing!

But is this just a novelty product, or a real potential game-changer for the UK CBD market? Let’s find out…

1500mg Of Superb Full Spectrum Extract

Before checking out the performance let’s quickly discuss what probably drew your attention to this oil.

As most will know, 1500mg (in a 10ml bottle) falls firmly into the bracket of high strength CBD oils. Most people would be advised to start off with a lower strength when establishing their effective dose.

For those who do need this level of concentration you should always look for full spectrum varieties. These retain many more cannabinoids and terpenes (all non-psychoactive) that deliver an ‘entourage effect’, making the CBD more capable of binding into the body’s endocannabinoid system.

A growing body of scientists believe that isolates – regardless of their strength – are more prone to simply passing ineffectively through the body. We’re still slightly on the fence about that, but are confident from anecdotal and personal experience alone that full spectrum is better.

What you are getting here is 1500mg of seriously top quality whole plant CBD oil, that can even be upgraded to a 2500mg strength for an additional £20 (what a bargain!).

For the vast majority of people, 1 or 2 drops of this a day ought to do the job better than the vast majority of alternatives to be found anywhere on the current market.

CBD Asylum Peppermint CBD Oil 1500mg Review

CBD Asylum claim that their extracts contain zero THC. We’ll take that with a slight pinch of salt, especially considering that this is a full spectrum oil and will naturally contain a slightly higher residual compared to an isolate. But in all honesty, that doesn’t matter in the slightest.

The amount of any THC retained in this oil is going to be a ‘trace’ at best, and hundreds of times below the government’s legal maximum of 0.2%.

All of CBD Asylum’s oils are derived from 100% organically grown plants subjected to eco-friendly CO2 extraction methods. Vegan and vegetarian friendly, these oils are as good as it gets!

MCT Base For Additional Efficiency

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We were interested to learn that CBD Asylum opted to use MCT oil in this product. A growing army of industry experts is steering in this direction now instead of the more typical and traditional olive/coconut oil bases.

Used widely across the food and supplements industries, MCT oil is believed to provide a considerable additional boost to absorbing extracts into the body. With tinctures, this is especially useful, as the goal is to get that CBD straight into the bloodstream without passing through the digestive tract (which is believed to reduce absorption efficiency by between 25-40% – depending on who you believe).

While the aforementioned ‘purists’ may struggle to gravitate towards MCT, in our opinion if it assists the body in absorbing the natural goodness of a top class extract then why the devil not? Sometimes science does tend to offer advantages, and that’s certainly true in this case where we are dealing with very high strength compositions.

The Taste Test!

Our tasting panel happens to actually adore the taste of raw CBD oil, so it was quite a novelty to take a couple of flavoured drops to start with.

After a couple of minutes to allow for the oil to absorb, it took one swallow to release a very elegant and refreshing peppermint taste. Unlike many minty kinds of flavours, this was actually really subtle and lasted for about four or five minutes before fading away.

It was a peculiar – but also very moreish – sensation, and one that we look forward to seeing extended to other products in the CBD Asylum range. Very impressive indeed, so thumbs up for that guys!


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CBD Asylum Fruity CBD Oil 1500mg


Fruity CBD Oil Drops 1500mgLet’s face the facts – some people simply struggle with the taste of CBD oils.

While others can shrug off the ‘earthy’ notes it can be a significant hurdle, which is one of the reasons capsules and even e-liquid alternatives remain so popular.

Some purists may argue that ‘whole plant’ oils such as this powerful offering from CBD Asylum ought to also carry an unadulterated natural flavour.

Our opinion is that providing it does not jeopardise the organic eco-friendly qualities of the extract, then why the devil not? If it opens up the wonderful world of CBD to more people, then that can not be a bad thing.

Fortunately, this 1500mg oil from CBD Asylum demonstrates exactly what we suspect many users are looking for in a high strength oil.

An Impressively High Quality Tincture

One place where CBD Asylum has always impressed us is their willingness to experiment. Over the last six months or so they’ve expanded into high-grade, more concentrated oils to meet market demands.

1500mg (15%) in a 10ml bottle is stronger than most, and as we’ll explain shortly, it’s one of the purest currently available on the UK market. However, this alone is not all this makes this an especially enticing option.

Fruity CBD Oil 1500mg Review

CBD Asylum have recently started using MCT oil instead of the usual olive/coconut carrying agents used in the majority of other tincture oils. Why? Simply because there is plenty of evidence that MCT can be better for absorption into the body, especially when ingested underneath the tongue. It certainly is never a bad thing to have an alternative to the standard options, something those with allergies will likely also appreciate.

Whatever your views on MCT, you can be assured that everything else in this CBD oil is as natural as ever. Additional fruity flavourings are derived from entirely natural sources and would be described best as a very subtle – not overly sweet – fruit salad. Think berries, banana, and a little lemon zest and you’re not a million miles away.

As with all of their range, they are vegetarian/vegan-friendly and the oil contains 0% THC. You will not get ‘high’ or run any risk of failing a drugs test even though it’s a high strength product.

Eddie Hall Using CBD Oil

Eddie Hall, winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2017, is a fan and user of their products!

The Best High Strength Oil On The Market?

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Separating manufacturers who claim to have outstanding hemp from those who actually deliver is one of the downsides of a largely unregulated market.

Like the handful of other UK companies who are willing to put their money where their mouth is, CBD Asylum perform independent batch tests on all of their range.

Let’s be frank – 1500mg strength is a premium product and beyond most people’s small change – so if you need this high a concentration at least you know it’s going to deliver exactly what it claims.

One of the other major plus points about CBD Asylum is their recent move much more towards ‘full spectrum’ (whole-plant) extracts.

There’s a seriously fast-growing body of evidence (alongside masses of anecdotal testimonies) that point firmly towards these being much better integrated into the body’s own endocannabinoid system. The only downside is that they can taste especially pungent due to retaining extra oils and terpenes – a problem that’s simply solved by adding natural fruity flavourings that do not in any way compromise the qualities of the extract.

All of their hemp is organically grown and cultivated before an environmentally sound CO2-based extraction is performed in pharmaceutical grade laboratories.


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Endoca Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg

One of the things you’ll find when you’re searching for a truly top quality hemp oil is that every company claims to be the best in the business.

Sure, that’s to be expected, but the truth is that there are a few world-class operations out there, often specialising in a certain particular niche.

Endoca may not be a familiar name to many of you in the UK, but they have a wonderful reputation in Europe for producing perhaps the best oil drops (and numerous other ranges) to be found anywhere in the world.

Operating as a non-profit organisation campaigning for a range of ecological issues and promoting a holistic approach to personal health, they fund their program primarily through their range of CBD products.

These 1500mg hemp oil drops are the result of a decade spent sourcing, researching, experimenting and refining the best plants in the world.

Precisely designed to be what we would term a ‘near isolate’, be assured that this is a legitimately elite tier oil.

What’s The Difference Between The Endoca Hemp Oil & Their RAW Oil?

This was the first question that sprung to mind when we first checked out this supplement.

The well-received RAW Hemp Oil Drops (1500mg) are configured to retain the masses of those lovely cannabinoids and terpenes that are considered essential for a ‘full spectrum’ or ‘entourage effect’.

Different Types

Two different types of oil: “RAW” or “Heated”. In this review we are specifically looking at the heated version (as shown in the right image).

So what makes these different? After all, they cost the same (at the time of writing). We contacted Endoca directly and we were (very courteously) enlightened with the following response:

“The Endoca Hemp Oil Drops are basically a heated version of the RAW extract. After CO2 extraction is complete, the compound is then filtered and gently heated to convert the CBDa into ‘pure’ CBD.

During this process, other acidic components are also near totally eliminated. The idea is that while the final product retains traces of these, the primary ingredient left over is straight-up CBD.”

Endoca refers to this process as ‘Decarboxylation’ – a term new to us – but useful for describing this unusual production method.

So Why Opt For Hemp Oil Ahead Of RAW?

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You may well have noticed a considerable peak in interest regarding the advantages full spectrum (or in this case, raw) supplements may offer. We’re also quite onside with this opinion, but remember that plenty of people have found ‘isolate’ CBD products useful before this current trend.

What the Endoca hemp oil offers is a more fully focussed extract that emphasises the essential CBD ahead of the majority of other ingredients and components of the plant.

It does include seven various terpenes (making this not exactly a typical isolate), as well as other natural vitamins and minerals found in the hemp plant. They’re just present in a lower concentration and with the CBDa almost entirely removed.

In our estimation, this 1500mg hemp oil is designed for people – most likely long-term adherents – who have found success with this style of composition in the past, have established they need a heavyweight dose, and want to experience something that may very likely be even better.

Endoca themselves say that it comes down to personal choice. Apparently, many of their customers who have enjoyed this product tend to be those who find RAW varieties too acidic. That would explain a few things!

Why These 1500mg Hemp Drops Stand Out

One of the really key reasons why you should consider Endoca is because of their dedication towards keeping all aspects of their business in-house.

Currently managing over 2,000 acres of hemp grown to strict ecological standards, they use no artificial methods or chemicals at any stage of the manufacturing process – from the planting stage through to cultivation and extraction.

The plants used in their products are as good as they can get, and regardless of how they’re subsequently processed, you can be assured that the provenance of their extract is world-class.

In this case, and at this level of strength (5mg of CBD per drop, each 10ml bottle contains 300 servings), if this style of CBD has previously worked for you then it simply adds even more quality compared to – in our opinion – pretty much anything else on the market.

Please be aware that we wouldn’t necessarily recommend starting out at this strength. Newcomers to the CBD scene ought to check out a reliable dosage guide, or ask the manufacturer directly, and follow those instructions.

For those in the market who need such potency, this has to be the best in class!


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Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg

Endoca’s range of products are quite a rarity in the British CBD scene. They’re a non-profit foundation who are dedicated to promoting ethical and environmentally sound lifestyles.

It just so happens that the vast majority of their funding comes from their wide range of staggeringly good CBD products!

As of yet, they may not quite have gained as much exposure in the UK as they have elsewhere in Europe – but if they continue producing hemp oil drops of this quality, we expect that to change very soon indeed.

Their 1500mg drops are not only high strength, but are ‘raw’ (full spectrum) and are packed full of those all those vitamins, minerals, and terpenes that are required for a proper ‘entourage effect’.

Before we get into the details of quite what makes the RAW Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg perhaps the best on the UK market, it’s worth pointing out one thing right away.

This is the definition of an elite quality CBD supplement and carries a price tag to reflect that fact. But when it comes to this kind of health supplement, quality (and sadly often also cost) does equate to an effective product.

Each 10ml bottle should provide around 300 doses – so for most people, that’s at least 100 days, or a 3 month supply.

Why This Oil Stands Out From The Crowd

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1500mg is a very high strength oil. Combine this with the full spectrum element and what we have here is pretty much the Ferrari of CBD supplements.

Taken just like any other tincture (drop under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds), it also includes a massive amount of additional cannabinoids – especially CBDa – which is increasingly believed to be essential for helping the supplement bind to the body’s cannabinoid receptors.

Folks who keep an eye on research developments will likely be aware that early research suggests that such styles of hemp extract are considerably more effective that isolates at binding with the body. We’re inclined to agree from anecdotal experience alone, meaning that by our estimation this is indeed a mightily potent oil.

What makes this 1500mg oil stand out from the vast majority of its peers is that Endoca goes to real lengths to explain exactly what additional ingredients are retained in this extract.

Interestingly, they have opted to use organic hemp oil as the base carrying agent (50%) which is rich in Omega 3, 6 and Vitamin E. The CBD & CBDa contained in the bottle equates to 15% of the volume, containing a staggering 17 different essential terpenes!

The rest of the bottle comprises of a little water alongside amino acids, ketones, cannabis plant waxes and a variety of lesser natural components.

To put it into layperson’s terms – if we are considering CBD oil drops as a health supplement, then this really is as good as it gets.

Entirely Natural Production

It should come as no surprise to learn that Endoca use only the healthiest, 100% organically grown and harvested hemp plants available in the EU.

The hemp they process is completely free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilisers. As this is a ‘raw’ full spectrum extract, no heat is used during the extraction process in order to ensure that absolutely none of the core goodness of the plant is lost.

Thanks to using an eco-friendly (expensive, difficult and time-consuming) CO2 processing method, the final extract is as complete as it gets.

All these additional cannabinoids are believed to be crucial for binding into the body instead of just ineffectively passing through. All of this is undertaken in fully licensed food-grade laboratories.

Independent Testing

Something that’s always good to look out for when considering a CBD manufacturer is their transparency when it comes to posting test results from independently recognised third parties.

We’re delighted to see that Endoca provide these with complete transparency – something which often cannot often be said even for the majority of other top quality companies out there! This supports their mantra for clean, healthy and ethical living, and clearly – they take this side of their business model very seriously indeed.


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Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

Hemptouch Hemp Oil 1500mg

Hemptouch Hemp Oil 1500mgHemptouch has made a very exciting move into the higher concentrated CBD market by launching a 1500mg oil.

It’s a trend we’ve seen quite a bit of recently, with many of the big names announcing similar releases of ‘stronger than most’ compounds.

Yet this one is a little different from most of the others, incorporating a full spectrum extraction process that delivers in our opinion a truly universal concoction of cannabinoids.

There’s a very strong chance that this could be the ‘purest’ 1500mg strength oil that we have yet seen – so needless to say it has caused quite a stir among the CBD aficionados!

Those who keep up with their manufacturers should know that Hemptouch is almost obsessive when it comes to the quality of their hemp oils.

They only use the very best methods at every stage, leaving us with a fair amount to cover.

So let’s see how the Hemptouch 1500mg hemp oil stands up to testing.

Outstanding Sativa Hemp Makes For A Wonderful Start

An oil is only ever going to be as good as the hemp from where it came, and as expected we are dealing with a company who really put in a special effort here.

Using only specially grown and EU compliant methods, their hemp is as natural as it gets.

Completely free from any artificial adulteration – even as far as to not use abrasive, chemical-based fertilisers, herbicides, or pesticides – this is exactly what hemp would have resembled in the wild thousands of years ago.

Of course, this growing and processing stage also results in a legitimately vegetarian, vegan and kosher extract.

Extracted As ‘Full Spectrum’ Is Essential

So far so good, but let’s face it Hemptouch are by no means the sole elite CBD producer who uses only top-tier hemp.

But they take the step with this oil to produce a full spectrum extract that contains far more healthy cannabinoids with plenty of cannabidiol, terpenes and other goodness.

Where full spectrum is found in other oils, it’s not always seen in higher strength oils. This is because the one drawback – depending on your point of view – is that it makes the actual taste considerably ‘earthier’.

Experienced users will unlikely be fazed by this, but those converting to this product from more benign or even flavoured alternatives may take a little getting used to it. But no pain – no gain!

Excellent Extraction Underlines The Total Quality

As all good companies, they use not just zero chemicals during the growth of the plants, but also when extracting the actual CBD.

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Plenty of lower quality (and cheaper) companies use solvents or alcohol to produce a higher yield of lesser quality oil.

Hemptouch incorporates a supercritical CO2 process that uses ‘dry ice’ to deliver not just a very high-class end product, but also one that contains a mere thimble of THC. There is no risk of failing a drugs test let alone ‘getting high’ by using this product despite it’s clearly stated strength.

Just like all oils, it’s designed for oral ingestion but can also be mixed into foods and drinks. Usually, we’d advise against this, as it does lower the amount of CBD absorbed properly into the bloodstream but considering the strength of the oil, it will not make a huge difference.

Under the tongue is always best, but those who get by on lower doses will find this a viable alternative should the taste be a little too much.


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VSAVI CBD Oral Drops 1500mg


VSAVI CBD Oil 1500mgRegular readers may have noticed that we tend to make a big deal about which companies products we choose to review.

The reason for this is quite simple – there are so many second-rate companies out there hopping onto the CBD craze.

So when the opportunity arose to check out VSAVI (long regarded as one of the best companies in the UK) and their range of premium CBD drops weighing in at a mighty 1500mg it was an absolute no-brainer.

As the name may well imply, VSAVI have earned a reputation for almost peerless purity when it comes to their entire portfolio of products.

The oil is 100% natural and organic (even the bottles are recyclable).

With such high exacting standards, their procurement team must have had restless nights developing this product, and we were expecting something pretty tremendous here.

As you shall see, we weren’t disappointed! This is one of the best ‘high strength’ CBD products out there.

An Olive Oil Base For Maximum Purity

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There are many reasons why we prefer CBD oils that incorporates an olive oil base.

For those needing a quick reminder, they’ve been scientifically demonstrated (University of Leiden, 2013) that not only does CBD bind perfectly with these oils, but olive oil itself preserves all the cannabinoids better than any alternative.

What this means is that not only is the CBD and all those essential terpenes are perfectly preserved, it will last for years.

As for the extraction process itself, they only use a 100% CO2-based process which has been proven to be the best way of preserving pureness and also eliminating THC to a tiny residual trace.

This process is environmentally friendly, vegan-friendly, and also happens to be the most expensive method going. This explains why this is a very premium product!

Easy To Use Sublingual Application

1500mg is a very high concentration but not enough to go crazily off the scale.

Finding your ideal dose is a personal matter and as VSAVI themselves say, when taking on a new supplement routine it’s best to start lower and work up to a perfect level.

In all honesty, it’s impossible to say where this is but compared to the majority of other products out there, but this is firmly in the top division.

Thanks to the quality of the design process, we’d be confident that after application straight to the tongue and held in place for 90-120 seconds, the dose will remain in your system for around 6-8 hours.

A couple of drops – easily administered via a handy applicator included as part of the bottle is all that’s required.

So you really do get a heck of a lot of those delectable cannabinoids for not a huge amount of effort!

One thing to be mentioned and in keeping with VSAVI’s focus on staying totally natural, these droplets are ‘all natural’ and unflavoured.

The majority of people adopting this grade of strength will already be used to the natural taste of CBD oil. It can also be added to food and drinks.


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CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 2000mg


CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 2000mgCBD Asylum has been making incredible steps forward with their higher strength ranges.

One that we thought that’s worth checking out was their Infuse Drops 2000mg series.

Their products do go as high as an almighty 10,000mg but by our estimation, most people interested in the highest strength CBD oils are going to find this fits their needs perfectly well enough.

It has already been receiving great praise and feedback from their early clients, so obviously, this was one that demanded serious attention.

Just in case any readers may not have heard of CBD Asylum, they’re a fairly new company that has seized the bull by the horns and now regarded as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of top quality CBD products.

Despite their glitzy website – don’t be worried – they use only the very best production techniques to produce 100% ethical and vegan-friendly products. As we’ll see, this is a very important factor which is why their CBD Asylum Infuse Drops are one of the best little vials of goodness we’ve seen in a while.

What Are The CBD Asylum Infuse Drops 2000mg?

One of the first aspects of this product that impressed us right from the start was their use of MCT oil.

Usually, we prefer top quality olive oil as a base for our tinctures but medium-chain triglyceride is possibly even better. Often taken as a separate health supplement, MCT carries a great range of health benefits that pairs perfectly with the CBD ethos.

Besides the infusion, the only other ingredient is a food grade flavouring – with a choice between ‘natural or ‘fruity’. We opted for the ‘fruity’ variety and true to form, it was very tasty indeed – something which people who struggle with the flavour of some oils ought to take note of!

How To Use The Drops

Another factor that will please those who have tried other (more outdated) products in the past is that the actual bottle comes with a smartly designed pipette applicator. This allows the crucial aspect of accurate dosage to be not only perfectly measured every time, but also easy to squeeze under the tongue.

All the needs to be done is then hold it underneath for around 90 seconds – making that tasty fruitiness worth its weight in gold!

It may sound unusual for those who have never taken such drops, but this is the best way of absorbing any oral CBD drops.

That part of the mouth is the best for absorption straight into the bloodstream and bypassing the liver which can tend to filter out some of the effectiveness.

The drops can, of course, be taken with a drink or incorporated into food, but by our estimation, under the tounge is the best way.

One applied and absorbed a standard dose will stay effective for between 4-6 hours depending on the body chemistry and metabolic system. It may not sound long but the truth is that this is considerably longer than the result from vaping and really needs only to be applied a couple of times a day.

The bottle may only be 30ml – which is actually generous for a CBD product – but we’d expect that taking 4 drops of this in total over a day will last for a good few weeks if not longer.

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Is The 2000mg Strength Necessary?

People take CBD for all kinds of reasons but higher strength lines have started really picking up recently.

We would always say that quality of manufacture can be just as important as strength when hitting such high concentrations, but if you feel that 2000mg is for you then why the devil not?

People react differently to CBD and while a small dose may work for some, others really will need a four-figure power to feel any benefits.

There’s no surefire way to ascertain a ‘typical dose’ but that is no different to any other CBD product out there and CBD Asylum are quick to point this out in their user guides.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.