VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 1000mg


VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 1000mgVSAVI have earned a fantastic reputation for the quality and purity of their CBD products.

Not many other UK-based companies come close to them when it comes to the quality of hemp used across their range.

Only 100% organically grown plants sourced from licensed EU farms is considered for use in their vape oils and e-liquids – and the difference really is amazing.

A recent addition to their range has been a very high strength 1000mg vape oil that will deliver a fast-acting powerful dose.

So what makes this particular e-liquid stand out from the crowd?

Delivering A Superb Quality Extract

The vast majority of CBD companies will claim to offer the best quality extracts going – but the truth is that only a handful really deliver.

VSAVI take the quality of their extract to a level that few come close to matching. Quality hemp is all well and good, but the actual extraction method is just as important. They only use CO2 techniques that result in a totally natural, unadulterated and chemical/ethanol free product.

This makes a considerable difference when it comes to the final quality of the oil. Considering that this is also a very high concentration, there are not many better ways of taking in seriously top quality CBD.

Is 1000mg Too High A Strength?

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Not everyone is going to need such a high strength CBD e-liquid, and the vast majority of CBD vape oils will tend to be between 200mg and 500mg.

Establishing a suitable dose is a very personal thing, and can vary wildly between people.

Most who decide to use this level of strength will already have established that they need 1000mg to enjoy the benefit – just opting to start a routine at this level will likely be more than most actually need.

There’s no harm whatsoever in taking more than required as it will just benignly pass through the body anyway, but from a purely economic perspective, it can become quite expensive very quickly.

For those who do need a 1000mg strength, this is a fantastic option. It’s one of the highest quality examples of its kind on the market.

Why Vape 1000mg CBD E-Liquid?

An increasing trend recently has been people choosing to vape their CBD to complement a standard oil/capsule dose.

Vaping is without question the fastest and most efficient way to ‘top-up’ CBD levels as it hits the bloodstream right away and bypasses the digestive system. There’s simply far less wastage, with the only downside being that it will pass through the system a little bit quicker.

This e-liquid is entirely TPD compliant and contains only CBD and natural ingredients. So when you need to rapidly absorb a serious dose of CBD then there really are not many better options out there.

As should be expected, there’s no nicotine within this product or any artificial flavourings.

The aroma is pure hemp although it’s considerably easier going than most rival extracts.

If you really can’t get along with the taste, you can add some of your favourite juice to the tank – just do so sparingly to avoid crystallisation.


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CBD Asylum Infuse E-Liquid 2000mg


CBD Asylum Infuse E-Liquid 2000mgThe CBD Asylum range of e-liquids is well known for being amongst the purest and tastiest ranges on the market.

We’ve tried pretty much all of their current range and have been impressed every time.

For those who haven’t checked out our other reviews, a common feature is the very high production standards that these guys set themselves.

They have top-drawer 100% ethical and naturally developed base extract which they combine with one of six flavours (although we’re promised this will soon be expanded).

So when it came to our attention that they had added a 2000mg strength e-liquid to their range, obviously we had to check it out!

Here’s a run-through of the essentials you should know if you’re considering a much higher than ‘usual’ concentration of CBD in your vape.

A Proven Top Quality Extract

One of the things to look out for when deciding to purchase any CBD product is the quality of extraction – and if the manufacturer can prove their claims.

In regards to the CBD Asylum Infuse 2000mg, this is more important than ever because it’s not cheap.

All high strength CBD e-liquids of this style tend to float around a similar price range, but it’s obviously a serious outlay for a 10ml bottle!

Thankfully, these guys take the integrity of their product amazingly seriously.

We sent them an email asking about the particular details of their operation – most specifically about how they test the claimed purity of their products.

Not only did we receive a reassuring reply that everything is ‘batch tested’ – meaning what you get is certified as sold – they even copied the lab notes over. So full marks for customer service – well done CBD Asylum! But why is this so important?

For those who maybe are new or less active in the scene, there’s a considerable amount of what amounts to fraud throughout the industry.

That ranges from blatant misspelling – you cannot really tell the difference of strength by taste so what is sold by unscrupulous vendors at say 500mg can often be a fifth of that at best.

It’s an issue more overseas and especially in the States but is making an unwelcome impact here.

So heads up – only use a quality business.

Back To The Product

This company uses top quality, organically grown hemp that is EU certified as not having felt a drop of chemicals.

Many lesser quality companies use chemical/alcohol based extraction techniques for a higher yield of poor grade compound.

CBD Asylum use CO2 extraction – the same premium grade coffee joints do to remove caffeine from their beans. It’s expensive, laborious and by far the best method of extraction. As would be expected a lower yield = higher prices, as is reflected by all top quality vendors.

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This is important because not only does it remove all but a minuscule trace of THC, it retains the other cannabinoids that may also add essential health benefits.

So this is why your 2000mg hit from this e-liquid is going to be the best in the business.

Tasty Flavours!

Not many other vendors add flavourings to their CBD e-liquids, but again these are food grade and the only other ingredients are the PG/VG (natural of course) and the extract.

Of this range, two really stood out. Classic Lemonade provided a tasty, refreshing vape with a deliciously bittersweet aftertaste. While this was my personal favourite, the other testers were unanimous that Strawberries & Cream was too good to put down!


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

CBD Asylum Sub Ohm E-Liquid


CBD Asylum Sub Ohm E-LiquidCBD Asylum may only have been operating since 2017 but they have already made considerable waves across the scene.

Offering premium grade products derived from 100% natural and organic hemp, their latest offering is something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time – CBD e-liquids that are designed for sub-ohm vaping.

Currently speaking, the vast majority of CBD e-liquids are intended for mouth-to-lung instead of direct-to-lung vaping.

As excellent as some of these products may well be, it does overlook the growing community of people who prefer the heady clouds offered by DTL sub-ohm vaping.

More often than not these specialist vape oils are either low or zero nicotine and especially flavourful – meaning they ought to be ideal for CBD vaping.

So why have so few other companies tried their hand with this style so far?

The largest issue concerns the economy of using these extracts within a sub-ohm designed e-liquid.

It’s no secret that a higher percentage of vegetable glycol (VG) compared to propylene glycol (PG) delivers more cloud production. This means that users will tend to race through their liquids at a considerably quicker speed.

If money is no object then great – but CBD infused e-liquids especially at higher concentrations tend to be considerably more expensive than a standard vape juice.

So we went into this review wondering how well it would perform.

We already expected that the five flavours would be typically delicious as per CBD Asylum’s excellent reputation.

It was the performance and longevity that concerned us. So how did it perform?

Perhaps The Best CBD E-Liquids On The Market

CBD Sub-Ohm LiquidWe’ll take a look at the individual flavours a little later, but there are a few common features that each of the range share.

Just in case anyone is unaware, to use these e-liquids properly you’ll need a powerful CBD vaporizer or “box mod” setup – ideally offering no less than a 40V output.

Likewise, suitable coils/atomizers will be required (for testing purposes we used a 0.2Ω coil).

The good news is that these devices and paraphernalia are much cheaper than just a couple of years ago and far more widely available.

To start with, they all offer a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. That is pretty much the typical blend to be expected from a sub-ohm juice and delivers a sumptuous, emphatic and extremely enjoyable thick cloud. From a CBD perspective, that is exactly what you are looking for.

Vaping is the quickest method of ingesting the extract straight into the system, so the greater the draw the larger the dose. It’s ideal for ‘on the go’ use when you may need just a quick hit and also for more scheduled top-ups.

In regards to composition, customers can choose between 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg of organic cannabidiol (with corresponding prices).

Besides this and the VG/PG mix, the only other additive is the equally ethically designed flavouring.

How To Use – A video featuring Eddie Hall (World’s Strongest Man 2017)

How Long Does It Last?

So how long does a bottle last? Of course, this will depend on how often you vape.

CBD e-liquids are not really intended to be used like a conventional vape. They are for either routine dosage or ad-hoc depending on how you feel.

For example, someone taking say six deep draws over a day is going to find that their sub-ohm liquid is going to last far longer than if they were enjoying a standard juice.

From our testing using this mix for about a half dozen draws a day we managed to make a 2ml capacity tank last around a week.

Consider that this range comes in 25ml size, and that means with relatively disciplined use, it could stretch for between two and three months.

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Those who use it more often can obviously expect to get through their supply considerably quicker, but the key is that it did not feel wasteful in the slightest. Those clouds went to good use!

Wondering why they issue 25ml in 30ml capacity bottles? That is so customers can add nicotine to the mix should they so desire.

All of the following range are shipped nicotine-free, but it’s a handy little feature that also provides for flavour customisation should you feel so inclined.

So let’s take a look at the range of flavours on offer:

Purple Storm

Purple Storm

It would have been easier to just call this ‘Blackcurrant Storm’ but hey, we don’t work in marketing!

What we have here is a typically classic sub-ohm style vape liquid packed full of refreshingly tart juiciness.

Those who already enjoy this style of vaping will know what to expect – a far deeper, more interesting sense of flavour compared to what you can find in a ‘standard’ juice. Are we picking up the slightest hint of menthol with this one? Very nice indeed.

Holy Moly

Holy Moly

Once again we had to peek at the small script on the label to figure out what to expect with this one.

Turns out to be a custard donut, and yes it tasted exactly as sweet and decadent as anyone may expect.

Naturally, this makes for an ideal after-dinner vape but also paired superbly with the morning cups of coffee.

Great for those who appreciate the sweeter thing in life.

Berry Nice

Berry Nice

Aha! Finally one we could figure out by the name alone and despite being garishly pink, this was probably a personal favourite.

Elegantly combining crisp zestiness alongside a surprisingly complex range of berries, this is stunningly refreshing and also incredibly moreish.

If tempted to add a little nicotine (up to you) this would make for a superb base.

A legit five-star e-liquid, regardless of the CBD!

Gone Loopy

Gone Loopy

A Fruit Loops flavoured e-liquid. That’s a new one – and pretty impressive it was too.

Those who enjoy their loopy breakfasts will know exactly what to expect. Considerably sweeter than the Berry Nice but also with a slightly creamy finish.

This is juice that may well find a cult following thanks to being especially sleek and smooth. Nice!

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Strawberries on the inhale with cream on the exhale. Sounds simple but this popular flavour so often falls flat on its face.

Fortunately, CBD Asylum has knocked this one out of the park.

No idea how they manage to make the taste so suddenly shift – leave that for the lab guys – but my goodness it works so well.

Once again, a top quality e-liquid that is taken to a different level when enjoyed as a sub-ohm.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.