VSAVI Flavoured CBD Vape Kit


VSAVI don’t tend to get anything wrong, so when we discovered that they were taking the plunge into flavoured CBD vape kits eyebrows were raised.

This wasn’t because of any concern that self-appointed ‘purists’ may have over their hemp extract being boosted with additional flavours.

It was far more because actually getting vape juice flavours ‘right’ is something which either works tremendously well or falls flat on its face!

Why would a company of VSAVI’s pretty much unparalleled reputation take such a risk?

After several days happily experimenting with the stunning assortment of juices that can be included in this brilliant little CBD vape kit – we’re happy to say we were very wrong to be concerned!

What’s In The Kit?

Let’s start by taking a look at what’s contained within the VSAVI Flavoured CBD vape kit.

The good news is that they have opted simply to deliver a simple 4.2V vape pen with a straightforward (some may argue old fashioned) replaceable mini-tank.

No fancy space-age gadgetry is necessary when it comes to enjoying vaping CBD. In fact, a simple device that simply delivers steady mouth-to-lung vape is actually better as it pretty much prevents wastage.

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When vaping CBD you want to be sure that all that goodness immediately hits your bloodstream without just needlessly floating away. VSAVI have – to their credit – acknowledged this and it also helps keep the costs down too. So top marks for that!

Also included in the pack is a USB smart charger and a user guide. Anyone who has vaped before will be familiar with this style of a vape pen, but for newbies, it’s a good idea to read this through as there are a couple of things that are important to get right (such as charging the tank on first use).

Oh, and did we mention it also comes with a flavoured CBD e-liquid of your choice?

Your Choice Of Flavoured Organic Vape Juice

By our estimation, this is the best CBD vape kit going when it comes to the range of not just potential flavours but also the variety of strengths and styles on offer.

Each e-liquid is entirely organic and comes in an 80/20 PG/VG mix, meaning that there’s not much in the way of unnecessary cloud production (you don’t really want this when vaping CBD as it burns through your supply!).

The active CBD content is the same that’s used across the entire VSAVI range. It’s derived from organic hemp and extracted using only the most careful eco-friendly CO2-based extraction methods.

The Flavours On Offer

Now let’s take a look at the flavours! We’ve tried each of these, and here are our thoughts. Personal tastes may vary of course!



Sweet initial notes with a slightly sour aftertaste – just like a real apple!

Zingy and refreshing.



So difficult to get this one right, but VSAVI have aced it.

Beautiful sweetness and probably our favourite.



Very refreshing with a zippy sourness.

Pairs very nicely with natural CBD extract.



Beautifully fresh and the perfect choice for those looking to vape after breakfast.



Straightforward orangey notes.

Our review panel concluded it was more akin to nectarine.



Decedent and with a slightly unexpected added spiciness.



Really minty without any of the menthol ‘feel’ that tends to upset similar juices.

Lovely stuff for all-day vaping.



Really rich and packed with flavour.

Probably our second pick of the bunch.



Like a splash of vanilla in your coffee?

This tastes exactly the same, just without the coffee!

Which Flavour Is The Best?

They all have their own merits and taken as stand-alone vape liquids they are certainly superior to a large proportion of other CBD e-liquids on the market.

You can read our full review of each of these flavours here. This guide may help you make a more informed decision.

The fact that these are infused with top-class CBD makes all the difference! Note that all of these can be combined with other liquids of a similar 80/20 composition without any crystallisation.

When making your purchase on the VSAVI website you can choose which of these liquids you wish to be included in your starter pack. Some are only available (at time of writing) in 100mg CBD content while others can be 300mg or even 500mg.

Lemon and Orange are fortified with additional terpenes – something which we would like to see extended across the entire range. In fact, a little more uniformity would be nice here and we expect VSAVI to be on the case formulating stronger versions of those limited to 100mg which – in our opinion – may be on the light side for most people.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Vape Kit


VSAVI is well known for being one of the best names in the CBD business.

Renowned for using only the best fully organic hemp – extracted by eco-friendly CO2 techniques – they’re a superb option for those who really want CBD of the highest order.

One product that VSAVI specialise in is their full spectrum CBD oil – which retains many additional components of the plant that are typically lost when manufacturing isolates.

But let’s face it – tincture oils aren’t for everyone – which is why their release of a full spectrum vape kit has caused something of a storm!

But is it worth the money? We’ve put this specialist vape kit thoroughly through its paces, and here’s what we found…

What’s In The Box?

Let’s begin by taking a look at the product itself. VSAVI have released this very much with brand new vapers in mind – so don’t expect a futuristic looking device belching clouds of unnecessary vapour!

Truth be told – to enjoy vaping CBD you simply don’t need a high profile/expensive device either – a simple vape pen will do, and that’s what’s provided here.

The device provided is a discreet, pocket-sized 4.2V pen which is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is screw it together, turn it on and you’re basically ready to go.

The pen itself is nicely designed with a sleek polished finish. So far so good in our estimation!

Moving on, the rest of the kit comprises of a USB smart charger, an instruction guide and a 10ml bottle of CBD-infused full spectrum raw vape juice.

Let’s now have a look at the quality of the juice provided.

Excellent Quality Vape Liquid

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The liquid itself is an 80/20 mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) to Vegetable Glycerin (VG). For those new to the vaping game, these are ingredients used across the food industry and are perfectly safe to enjoy.

That ratio provides only light clouds which by our estimation is perfectly right for enjoying CBD. After all, what’s the point in needlessly wasting your liquid? It’s a sensible blend – again geared towards newcomers – which is smooth on the throat and by no means overwhelming.

Buyers can choose which strength they’d like supplied with their kit – either 100mg/10ml bottle or a more powerful 300mg/10ml bottle.

The CBD itself is a true full spectrum variety that’s packed full of additional cannabinoids, minerals and carries a very impressive 34% terpene rate. You just don’t find much better quality organic CBD e-liquidson the market, and that’s the real attraction of the VSAVI CBD vape kit. It really is ‘the real deal’.

Which strength should you opt for? Well, that comes down to personal taste, but we’d say that 100mg is a little on the light side. Quality matters more than strength when it comes to full spectrum e-liquids, but we’d recommend that the 300mg option actually delivers superior overall value for most people.

VSAVI Full Spectrum Vape Kit

Why Vape CBD?

You may wonder what the advantages are for vaping CBD when you could take capsules, slather on balms, or enjoy the classic tincture drops instead (alongside many other options).

It all comes down to wastage. Vaping offers quite simply the best way of making sure that your dose immediately and fully hits the bloodstream.

There’s little to no wastage whatsoever compared to the other options available, for instance, capsules must pass through the digestive tract and may lose 20-50% of efficiency depending on which report you believe.

Tincture oils have to be held under the tongue and inevitably some will be swallowed causing the same problem.

By our estimation vaping offers a fantastic way to dose CBD and it’s good to see VSAVI producing such high quality kits which help introduce newcomers to the advantages that it may offer.

Even people who already vape may simply not to mix up CBD with their daily go-to device, making this kit a viable way to have a second carry.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

XEO CBD Clearomizer Starter Kit


Are you looking to get started in CBD vaping but have no idea where to begin? Funnily enough, you’re not alone!

Take a look at some of the devices out there and not only can they look rather daunting, but they can also be eye-wateringly expensive.

The good news is that it’s extremely easy to get started CBD vaping, and you don’t need a high-grade device to do so effectively.

The XEO CBD Clearomizer Starter Kit offers everything you need to get to get started, is easy to use and ought to last for years.

What’s In The Box?

When it comes to effectively vaping CBD you don’t need a lot of power.

In fact, most people prefer the discretion that a handy smaller kit such as this offers instead of a great big heavy battery. Lower powered batteries mean that your CBD e-liquid will last longer too and cause less wastage.

The XEO Li-Ion Battery (280mAh) provided with this kit is pocket/handbag sized, very lightweight and provides a straightforward and accessible way to enjoy your dose. As a Lithium-ion battery, it will last longer and retain charge much longer than those supplied by bargain bucket ranges. The kit also comes with a USB charger.

The clearomizer is straightforward and screws precisely into the top of the battery. If you’re completely new to vaping, this is what holds and heats your liquid into vapour. While these do have a limited lifespan, if you’re only using it a few times a day it ought to last you a fair number of months.

All day vapers will probably need the clearomizer every 2 to 3 weeks. Replacements are easily found thanks to the popularity of the XEO range and cost very little.

How Does XEO Perform With CBD?

Best Place To Buy

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when vaping CBD is to avoid wastage. This is what is referred to in vaping circles as a mouth-to-lung device which basically simulates a conventional cigarette (without any of the nastiness of course!).

All you need to do is take a draw into your mouth and then inhale. Doing so without exhaling – and it can be tempting to play with the rich clouds this kit produces – allows for the CBD to pass directly into your bloodstream.

Make no mistake – vaping is without question the best way of ensuring your full dose goes immediately into the system.

CBD e-liquids perform just like any other, with the exception that 99.9% of those on the market contain zero nicotine. It’s entirely non-addictive and comprises of the extract, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) – both of which are commonly used throughout the food industry. Some liquids are now available in a variety of flavours which in no way impede the quality of the actual CBD.

Regular vapers of standard e-liquids will benefit from this as a device to use exclusively for their dosing – and therefore avoiding pesky tank changes and cross-contamination.

Newcomers and especially those who do not vape nicotine-based e-liquids will find it light and easy to enjoy because most CBD e-liquids provide very little in the way of a ‘throat hit’.


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Vapour2 CBD Vape Kit

Vapour2 CBD Vape KitWhen it comes to getting started out enjoying CBD vaping it can be difficult to know where to start.

Thanks to the oils/liquids containing no nicotine and the majority being 99%+ organic, plenty of people who otherwise do not vape are open-minded to doing so with their CBD.

It is, after all, the most efficient way of getting the goodness straight into your bloodstream. Yet there is always the chance that it simply may not ‘be right’ for some people, so instead of breaking the bank on a top of the range device why not start low and see how it goes?

The Vapour2 is quite possibly the best value CBD starter kit on the market for those who find themselves in this situation – and here’s why.

Contents & Quality

One of the things that tend toput some people off vaping is the size and clunkiness of some of the more powerful models. So how about a very discreet, lightweight (18g) shisha style pen that also packs an astonishing 4.2 volts of power?

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Quite how Vapour2 have managed to integrate that quality into such a small space (130mm x 85mm) is little short of a miracle of design. Compared to rival products out there, this model is about half the size of units capable of matching it for power. No surprise that these guys are the #1 ranked vape manufacturers in the USA.

Other than the amazing battery, the kit comes with a Vapour2 Ex-Blank CBD refill tank that is an easy to fill top load design.

As would be expected it fastens reassuringly well to the battery unit and from extensive prior experience, we can vouch that the tank will last a good fortnight before needing to be replaced (spares/replacements are reassuring cheap!).

Battery life is good for around 24 hours steady use and a fast charge micro USB cable is included.


“It packs just the right amount of power to complement quality vaping.”

In a word – fantastic. When it comes to efficient CBD vaping it’s really all about the quality of the clouds – after all, that’s what you’re inhaling directly into the body so you want consistency and smoothness. That is exactly what the Vapour2 delivers and why it’s one of the most popular budget vape kits on the planet!

While ostensibly it’s designed for the more mainstream vaping community, the fact of the matter is that it’s perfectly suitable for CBD vaping as well. If anything, that 4.2 volts (most rivals rarely offer more than 3.7V) is a perfect match for the optimum temperature that most CBD e-liquids like to be heated at for maximum performance.

Although no liquid is included in this kit – we can’t have everything – it worked sublimely with a straightforward 1mg CBD oil from our personal stash.

After a couple of days steady use we checked out the tank to see if there had been an accumulation of gunk around the atomizer. Thankfully there was no residue whatsoever, and we’d confidently expect that this tank will comfortably last a good fortnight before there are any signs of degradation in performance.

With replacements costing just a couple of quid each and cheaper when bought in bulk, that’s excellent longevity especially for what is marketed as a basic and introductory product.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.



VSAVI CBD Vape KitIt’s no secret that when it comes to CBD, vaping is a much more efficient means of delivery than the good old-fashioned oil drops.

Vaping these specialist e-liquids allows the goodness to go straight into the bloodstream rather than have to be absorbed via the gut. The more immediate the effect the better!

This is where the VSAVI CBD Vape Kit comes into its own.

Plenty of people may not have any vaping materials at hand, yet are willing to give it a try (remember these are nicotine-free liquids).

What more convenient way to get set up and started than with a dedicated kit?

VSAVI believe they’ve compiled the ideal starter kit for those new to the vaping scene – so let’s take a closer look.

Contents & Quality

The first thing that hits you when unpacking this kit is that it features a very familiar old favourite pen.

The classic V2 vape pen packs a reassuring 4.2 volt at 380 mAh battery – which is exactly what you’d be looking for in any dedicated CBD starter kit.

Lightweight with a delicate chrome finish, it’s a doddle to use and even a total novice will feel comfortable using this pen within a minute or two. Even better, this model is near legendary for its battery life.

Even all day vapers will find that it will comfortably last a full day’s worth of solid use before you need to recharge it (a USB smart charger is included).

“Newbies to vaping could do a lot worse… highly recommended!”

Also included within the pack is a V2 Ex-Blank mini tank which as you’d guess is designed to be perfectly compatible with the battery unit. This is a refillable tank but remember that it’s ultimately a ‘disposable’ component – you cannot replace atomisers or so forth.

With regular use, you can expect the tank supplied to last a week or two before it needs to be replaced. If you opt for the VSAVI CBD vape kit you may want to consider adding a pack of spares to your order (don’t worry they’re very cheap!).


Best Place To Buy

So, how does this kit perform when put through its paces?

We opted to use the supplied VSAVI CBD vape oil – you receive a complimentary 10ml bottle with your kit and you can also choose the strength (50mg, 100mg, 300mg, 500mg, or 1000mg is available).

Using the 300mg (or 3% as you may be more familiar with), loading up the tank was a complete doddle – it’s no different to how you would fill a ‘standard’ vape pen.

The vape was smooth and very delicate on the throat. Sure, there was that classic throat ‘hit’ but it was soft enough to make us pretty certain that even people not used to vaping will find it easy to get along with. This can be attributed to the quality of the CBD liquid as much as the actual pen components.

There is zero PG included within the 99.9% totally natural and organic/ethical formula and this is really telling for explaining how smooth the overall vape is. The taste is ever so slightly earthy but otherwise pretty neutral – just as quality CBD oils ought to be.


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CBDLife ePen


CBDLife 10% ePen 100mgIt doesn’t take much browsing around to realise that the vast majority of CBD vape kits comprise just a standard vape pen and maybe a bottle of e-liquid.

Truth be told, it’s rare to find a kit that is genuinely designed for enjoying CBD e-liquids which is why this 10% ePen from CBD Life instantly grasped our attention.

According to the marketing blurb, this (very reasonably priced) kit has been crafted to allow for easy and effective vaping and ‘dabbing’ of these specialty e-liquids.

So do we finally have a kit that is genuinely designed for this niche market, or just another cobbled together assortment of components ripped from the mainstream vaping market? We’re happy to say that the former is the case.

Contents & Quality

The 10% ePen kit arrives neatly packed inside a rather smart little metallic carry case, instantly earning a point or two for tidy presentation!

Inside the case, we have a 650mAh magnetic variable voltage battery (three levels), one magnetic wax quartz atomiser, one magnetic ceramic replacement coil, dab tool and eGo charger.

Unfortunately, a separate bottle of CBD e-liquid isn’t included as standard but otherwise, this is everything you’d need to get up and running. Overall it’s a sound choice for newbies to vaping or those who are sensibly looking for a dedicated kit to keep separate from their daily vape.

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that all of the components supplied with the kit are magnetic. This makes it extremely easy to screw the various bits and pieces together, and bear in mind that the battery uses a 510 connection – the industry standard for most CBD screw-in cartridges.

As would be expected, this ePen is compatible with all of the CBDLife range and plenty of other manufacturers as well (check before purchasing though!).

“We can’t recommend the 10% ePen kit enough.”

Overall we were impressed with how simple it was to set up. Even a total novice will be able to assemble this in next to no time at all.

Quality Performance

Smart presentation, comprehensive components, easy assembly – all count for nothing if the actual vape turns out to be sub-par. But the good news is that this ePen delivers just the right amount of ‘oomph’ to heat up CBD wax/liquid/crumble to produce a very tasty vape indeed.

Filling up the cartridge is as simple as with any typical vape pen, and there is a discernible difference between the three power settings.

Best Place To Buy

We tested this pen with a 50/50 PG/VG CBD oil and found that on the highest setting it produced gorgeous clouds, while on the lowest it was more of a ‘quick draw’ that still delivered a satisfying throat hit.

We recommend to ever so slightly loosening the connection between the battery and cartridge. This allows for an additional airflow that generates even greater cloud production – just bear in mind that the larger the clouds, the quicker you’ll get through your liquid/concentrates. Very relaxing though!

Over out testing phase, we refilled the cartridge five times and even with throughout the day use there was no drop in performance.

The battery gives fair warning when it is nearly out of juice and needs a recharge, and as would be expected from a pocket-sized pen the battery will last around 24 hours with steady use.

Given that we’re vaping CBD we’d expect most people to use it far more sparingly than they would a standard e-cig, so you can safely add another day or two to the estimated battery life depending on usage.

At a guess, we’d estimate the cartridge/atomizer to last at least 20 refills before needing a replacement.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.