Vapour2 Pro Series 3X CBD Vaporizer

The Best Rated CBD Vaporizer For 2019

When looking for a vaporizer that’s genuinely suited for CBD vaping there are a few essentials that must be on anyone’s shopping list.

These are reliability, consistency, and versatility.

You need reliability because effective CBD vaping is all about taking in regular doses – tricky if your battery dies after half a day!

Consistency – so you know exactly how much vapour is going to be produced with each draw on each setting.

Versatility is important so you can switch out coils for greater or lesser cloud production depending on your mood.

The Vapour2 Pro Series 3X delivers a near-perfect performance on each of these crucial factors, and while certainly towards the upper end of the market, it’s an investment that nobody will regret.

Contents & Quality

Straight from the box, it’s immediately clear that this is a stealthy and sleek little vaporizer.

Available in three colours – Black, Red or Metallic, it has a beautiful finish and barely a visible seam when then cartridges are attached.

The battery unit has been upgraded from the previous series to a whopping 750 mAh – the usefulness of which we’ll discuss further down this review.

However where this device becomes truly special is in the variety of vaping styles that it can handle.

Unlike a good proportion of other high power kits capable of heating dry herb, the Series 3X can also perform sub-ohm vaping.

Included within the kit is a generous 3 interchangeable CBD atomizers – 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm & 1.5 ohm. Why is this handy? Simply because it means that users can decide to either chill out with an indulgent, sub-ohm cloud chasing session, or use their vaporizer as a more practical on-the-go device.

Cartridge Capabilities

E Liquid, Loose Leaf & Wax Cartridges

The Vapour2 Pro Series 3X truly is a jack of all trades.

Included within the basic package are the aforementioned atomizers as well as one Series 3 Sub-Ohm Ceramic CBD E-Liquid Cartridge, one Series 3X CBD Oil Cartridge which features adjustable airflow, and a single magnetic USB charging cord (note: wall adapters are sold separately).

As is often the case with elite products, CBD e-liquid isn’t included in the pack.


First of all, let’s start with the general functionality.

One of the standout features across the top of the Vapour2 range is their automatic settings. These can be manually calibrated but whenever the cartridge is changed the on-board chip detects this change and automatically sets temperature and voltage to an appropriate alignment. Neat!

Throughout our whole time testing the Series 3X we didn’t have to change the settings ourselves – it really does get it right each time, even when using it as a dry herb vaporizer.

Best Place To Buy

Vaping CBD e-liquid with this unit was absolutely fantastic thanks to it being so easy to alter the settings for more or less output.

If you intend on switching between normal and sub-ohm vaping, you may want to consider buying dedicated cartridges to avoid having to switch atomizers all the time – simply for convenience.

Spare parts are highly affordable and we’d recommend stocking up on spare coils should you decide to make the purchase because even on 1.5 ohms they won’t last more than a fortnight or so with regular use (this is standard across the industry, so no down scoring for that).

Regardless of which setting was used, the brand new atomizers – properly primed of course – produced a deliciously smooth and elegant vape.

It would be honestly difficult to see how it could really be improved upon, but that’s exactly what should be expected from a top-tier product.


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Vapour2 Pro Series 7 CBD Vaporizer

There’s never been a better example of the old adage “go big or go home” than the Vapour2 Pro Series 7.

This is an absolute beast of a vaporizer and it’s probably the best all-rounder on the market.

Offering total multi-functionality (CBD, e-liquids, wax and dry herb) with astonishing power and battery life, it quite simply doesn’t get any better than this.

Sure, it may be a little too far into the ‘elite’ tier for the casual user who’s looking for an occasional CBD vape, however for those of you who are regular vapers and you’re looking for a seriously special upgrade, this device must be a contender.

Allow me to explain why…

Contents & Quality

This is a 3-in-1 unit that is supplied with both a liquid tank and a dry herb ‘oven’ as standard.

Using smart technology built into the framework, the Pro Series 7 automatically detects which mouthpiece is attached and aligns to an appropriate temperature and voltage setting (both can be manually altered and programmed with ease). Temperatures range from between 200°C to 440°F depending on which mode is being used.

Best Place To Buy

Cartridges slot securely into the battery unit making for a very ‘space age’ looking device which is kind of appropriate given the cutting-edge features of this unit.

Upon ordering, customers can choose between Black, Blue or Silver. They all look equally great, although if you’re planning on using lots of dry herbs we’d recommend Black for aesthetic reasons in the long term.

It feels great in the hand and the mouthpiece is just the right side of wide to allow for quick casual puffs as well as long deep draws.

V2 Pro Series 7The battery life is phenomenal when it’s used for vaping CBD liquids. We’d expect even with all day use this ought to last 2 maybe even 3 days before the battery needs to be recharged.

Obviously with the oven that will considerably lessen – and incidentally it takes about 20 seconds to hit vaping temperature in this mode, which is staggeringly fast.

How About It’s Performance?

Need we go into detail here?

Starting with the CBD vape oil (no oils/e-liquids are included with the unit) and performance was mind-blowingly good!

From our perspective, when it comes to vaping CBD oil it’s all about consistency as, after all, to an extent, it’s a kind of dosage. You can rely on your Series 7 to deliver the perfect vape with each and every draw.

The Vapour2 Pro Series 7 wipes the floor with pretty much any opposition in this regard – it truly is in a league of its own.

Yet is that alone enough to justify the price? Not quite. Dry herb vaporizers are going to be even more popular in the coming years, and there have been quite a few duds in the UK market.

We’re happy to say that the ‘oven’ cartridge supplied with the Pro Series 7 is an absolute dream to use. Easy to load, delicious to vape at perfect temperatures which are pretty much managed automatically for you. Even better – the kit includes a handy little cleaning kit!

We cannot comment on the wax cartridge because that’s sold separately and we haven’t tried it out. If the precedent set by the e-liquid and dry herb cartridges is anything to go by, we’d be confident in predicting it’ll be of a similar high standard.


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Vapour2 Pro 3 CBD Vape Pen

Vapour2 Pro 3 CBD Vape PenNow is a great time to be in the market for a new vaporizer. Compared to just a couple of years ago it’s amazing to see the quality on offer at an affordable price point.

The Vapour2 Pro3 CBD Vape Pen is a perfect example of this, offering multi-functionality for all kinds of vaping.

As we shall see during this review, this isn’t just a quality option for those new to vaping and are doing so specifically for CBD. For many current vapers, this would likely represent a quality upgrade on their current set-up.

Contents & Quality

Weighing in at just shy of 2oz/54.05g and measuring a little short of six inches, this sleek pen impresses straight from the box.

It’s immaculately finished and feels a little like a cigar in the hand. It looks like it means business – and my goodness doesn’t it just!

Packing an excellent 650 mAh battery with a variable voltage between 3.2V and 4.2V this unit is indeed perfect for vaping CBD oils at a perfect temperature.

Best Place To Buy

Unlike many other powerful pens, this is an extremely easy piece of kit to use with all setting determined by tapping the power button. No need for impossible to navigate little displays here – it’s intuitive and straightforward without undermining performance.

Battery life is solid depending on what voltage you opt for and how heavy it’s used, but after a few days trial, we figured that it was good for about a day and a half before running out of juice. That’s about right for products of this kind, and charging is easy via a magnetic USB cable which can also be attached to a UK wall adapter (both supplied).

“Excellent as a standalone unit for exclusive CBD vaping.”

All this is well and good, but what really sets the Vapour2 Pro 3 apart from the crowd is the number of additional accessories that can be purchased separately to take your vaping to a new level.

These include Pro 3 loose leaf cartridges and wax cartridges, both of which are rapidly becoming more popular on these shores. Having that option to not just vape CBD and standard e-liquids makes this a dream for the multi-tasking vaper – and they don’t break the bank either!

The liquid cartridge supplied is good for between 15-20 refills (1.6ml capacity) and as ever we’d recommend stocking up on spares when making your first purchase.


Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty – does it perform as well as it should?

Yes, it does! We can’t speak for the additional options (dry herb & wax) as they are not included in this pack, but when used with a mid-strength CBD oil on the higher voltage we were rewarded with very smooth, delicate and tasty vapour. Nothing overwhelming – again making this a solid option for newbies – but certainly of a quality that experienced vapers will be sure to appreciate.

When it comes to enjoying CBD to the max, it’s crucial not to waste those precious clouds. There’s plenty of overpowered units out there that will tear through your bottles in no time with plenty just vanishing into the ether.

For fans of mouth to the lung (like ‘classic’ smoking) vaping this is a great choice because the instant you stop drawing from the mouthpiece, it will cut off. Inhale it down and not only do you get that CBD delivered right into your system, but also there’s no wastage whatsoever.

It may sound like a small detail but make no mistake when used sensibly the V2 Pro 3 will help preserve your precious stocks of liquid.


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XEO VOID CBD Vaporizer


Vaping has become so popular within the CBD community because it allows for the near-instant absorption of CBD goodness right into the bloodstream.

The greater the amount of vapour produced, the higher the dose. This is what peaked our interest when we heard that VSAVI had started marketing the XEO VOID range towards the CBD community.

Already well established within the greater vaping scene as one of the best performing budget sub-ohm vaporizers on the market, it makes perfect sense to apply this technology towards vaping where cloud production has a practical as well as aesthetic purpose.

But is it a little too overwhelming for the casual user? Let’s find out!

Contents & Quality

The XEO VOID is currently available in a choice of 10 amazing colours ranging from Pink to Gun Metal Grey. The high performance 1500 mAH battery is encased within a reassuringly hefty tulip style casing – and mark my words you’ll notice if this slips out of your pocket!

XEO pride themselves in their stringent anti-leaking design quality and it’s fair to say that the battery unit does pair absolutely perfectly with the 2ml capacity tank unit.

Best Place To Buy

To put it simply, this is a well designed and machined bit of kit of a standard that would usually be only expected from products much further up the price scale.

What makes the XEO VOID stand out from the crowd is that it’s capable of sub-ohm ‘cloud-chasing’ vaping which again at this price point is pretty spectacular.

We’ll discuss performance in a moment, but it’s worth noting that the kit includes both a 0.6 Ohm (for vape-to-lung vaping) atomiser as well as a more standard 1.0 Ohm coil (for mouth-to-lung vaping). Including both options within the kit is a decent move as not everyone constantly wants to be billowing out huge clouds of CBD vapour around the clock (it burns through oil fast!).


XEO VOID In BlackI’ll confess now to being slightly disappointed that there was no bottle of CBD e-liquid included with this starter kit.

To all intents and purposes, this is really just a high-quality vaporizer that could be used as much for standard vaping as it can for enjoying CBD. Perhaps that’s nitpicking but I’m pretty sure that most people would pay a little more for a bottle to be included in the pack.

We loaded up half a tank of VSAVI CBD vape oil and we put it through its paces.

First things first – on both sub and standard ohm configurations, the XEO VOID delivers a cracking vape. The slightly unusual design lends itself superbly to leisurely handling and it produces a delicious, smooth and – crucially – consistent vape.

Yet the USP for this product has to be that sub-ohm capacity.

0.6 ohms is just right for CBD vaping. A single direct to lung draw will deliver a heck of a dose, and in a roundabout way reduce wastage.

Just remember that as with all sub-ohm vaping, you’ll get through your juice much quicker than usual, and the atomizer will likely only last a few sessions before needing replacing. That cannot be levied as a product specific criticism though – it’s just a fact of life for the sub-ohm vaper.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.