Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil Spray 150mg


Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray 150mgTrust us – we know how difficult it can be to get started with CBD!

With new products being released every day and a sometimes rather confusing amount of terminology to get to grips with, figuring out a place to start can be surprisingly tricky.

Even more so discovering a product that offers enough concentration to deliver potential benefits.

It’s well-known that establishing a ‘working dose’ is different for everyone, and without getting bogged down in detail, there’s one rule always worth following. Start low and grow.

Here we have a cracking example of a very affordable spray that doesn’t compromise on quality – something that can unfortunately rarely be said.

Having reviewed many products from the best companies in the UK, our opinion is that quality can be just as important as strength.

The Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray may only weigh in at 150mg over a 20ml bottle, delivering 1.2mg of CBD per spray, but it’s sourced from truly world-class plants.

Here’s why we’d recommend it ahead of the vast majority of other ‘pocket change’ options out there.

Why This Is An Ideal Option For Newcomers

Let’s forget the low price for now. What you have here is an extremely easy to use spray that works just like a breath freshener – with one crucial difference.

You apply the spray underneath the tongue and hold it in place for around 90 seconds. This is long enough for the CBD to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream with minimal wastage, and avoids typical ingestion which loses potency by being processed through the digestive organs.

Over a day, four sprays/applications will deliver just shy of 5mg of CBD & CBDa. For some people that would be considered still a light level of consumption, but for newcomers, it’s a good spot to start.

There’s nothing to stop anyone taking more – CBD is non-toxic and impossible to overdose/get high on/fail drugs tests – but working up slowly is the best option and this is extremely easy with this spray.

Is Dutch Better?

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Love CBD source all of their hemp from licensed Dutch plantations. A good number of other A-list companies tend to blend their hemp together from various sources. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, in this case, there is that added element of provenance which is nice to know. After all, Dutch hemp is world famous for a reason.

Love CBD only work with those who cultivate and harvest their plants according to very exacting organic standards. No chemicals or other artificial products are used at any stage – resulting in top grade plants that are packed with natural goodness.

The only other ingredient is olive oil – used commonly throughout the industry as a natural preservative and carrying aid which helps take the ‘edge’ off the hempy flavour.

Quality Matters

If you take a look at the Love CBD website you’ll notice that they publish third-party batch testing scores for all of their products, this one included. Just search for your serial number on their testing page for an exact report on what is inside your Dutch CBD oil spray.

Most people use this to be assured that there is very little residual psychoactive THC (which there isn’t) and some to check the presence of other cannabinoids, oils, and terpenes. As would be expected for such a natural product it’s vegan and lactose friendly.

While this is not marketed as a ‘full-spectrum’ oil it does contain elements of these desirable ingredients. Most other introductory style products are much more ‘isolated’ – which might sound good but not necessarily so.

Traces of those other components are increasingly believed to be very helpful in binding the CBD into the body. We’re inclined to agree, and those reports suggest to us that this is an oil far greater than the sum of its parts. In fact, we’d go as far as to recommend this other a good number of more concentrated products.


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Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray 500mg


Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray 500mgSometimes it’s nice to know where your CBD oil comes from.

Love CBD is one of the few companies who take the provenance of their hemp incredibly seriously, and we’re delighted to see an extract hit the market derived entirely from Dutch hemp farms.

More often than not you never know the exact source of your hemp extract (unless you ask the manufacturer directly of course), so this adds a certain extra factor when picking out a top grade oil.

The Dutch farms use only the most exacting 100% natural and organic methods to grow these plants – which results in the best quality CBD oil you can get.

So is it worth giving it a try? We wholeheartedly believe so, and here’s why.

Love CBD Extracts Are Outstanding

In our opinion, the most ‘effective’ style of extracts out there are almost always those which retain additional cannabinoids.

The majority of the market still belongs to ‘isolates’ whereby the vast majority of benign additional cannabinoids (there are over 100 of them) are eliminated alongside that pesky THC.

Sure, this results in an almost ‘pure’ CBD extract – but the problem is that those additional components are essential for the goodness to travel around and be absorbed into the body. We’re not just saying it – this is referred to as full spectrum and is an increasing focus of study within the research community.

What this means is that you may have a little more residual THC than usual, but still way below government rules and to a level that’s never going to make anyone remotely high or fail a drugs test. All you need to do is check out the independent lab tests conducted by Love CBD to see the evidence.

In this case, the spray is predominantly CBD & CBDA but also retains traces of dozens of other aspects including vitamins, minerals, and terpenes usually lost during extraction.

When sourced from world-class organic Dutch hemp, you can be sure that if CBD is going to work for you then this is as good as it gets.

Why The Spray Bottle?

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Now we’ve established that this is undoubtedly one of the finest extracts going, you may be wondering why Love CBD use spray bottles instead of the standard tincture-style bottles.

The most important reason is that it allows for an easy way to maintain a standard dosing schedule. Each spray – taken under the tongue and held just like a typical tincture – delivers exactly 0.16ml of liquid and 4mg of CBD.

Given that the bottle is 20ml (most rivals vend at 10ml) this allows for around 125 doses in total. With most people taking a dose three times a day, that’s around a five week supply of top-grade CBD – a figure we agree represents very impressive value indeed compared to other manufacturers.

The second reason is that it’s simply more convenient. Instead of getting funny looks when you’re taking your dose when out and about, a spray can be taken when walking down the street. Just be sure to get it under the tongue and hold for a minute or so. Spray bottles are also far less prone to leaks, generally less messy, and fit snug into a pocket.

Olive Oil Is An Excellent Natural Agent

Another point worth mentioning is that Love CBD still stand by unflavoured olive oil to carry their extract. Opinions vary regarding the use of artificial flavourings, but nobody disputes that olive oil is perfectly effective for oral use.

MCT is an alternative being increasingly used – but as outlined above, this company does everything as naturally as possible.

It tastes a bit nicer, but do be aware that it can be a little overwhelming until you get used to it (and most users do).


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Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray 1400mg


Entourage Oil Spray 1400mgA growing body of research now suggests that CBD isolates alone struggle to spread throughout the body.

Instead, supplements need the likes of CBDA and CBG – usually lost during isolate extraction methods – to be effective.

Quite how is still a matter for the folks in white coats to ascertain, but this theory was initially explained by the great Raphael Mechoulam – the man who first isolated CBD and THC many decades ago.

Love CBD is one of the few companies out there who take great pride in the absolute quality of their products.

After three years of trial and error, and mixing cannabis strains from around the world, they’ve now released their Entourage series which contains all those essential extra cannabinoids.

Why The Entourage Effect Is Important

It may be tempting to assume that the entourage effect (better known as full-spectrum) is just a marketing gimmick – so let’s address the facts that back up how important this can be.

As mentioned, research into the reasons why CBD appears to help some people is still at an early stage. But most of the focus has been on the body’s own endocannabinoid system – and more importantly, the receptors dotted across it.

Early studies have demonstrated that taking CBD supplements to reinforce these (just as one would with any vitamin pill) requires the presence of those additional cannabinoids to facilitate the spread throughout the body.

CBD may well provide the actual ‘benefit’ but if it cannot spread and be absorbed by these receptors, it’ll just pass straight through the body. This is obviously hardly ideal!

Some research has indicated that a good proportion of people who found isolate CBD ineffective despite varying doses/routines can have considerably better results using entourage/full-spectrum varieties.

Obviously, we cannot and will not guarantee this as being a universal truth but that’s becoming the accepted fact within the industry. That’s why Love CBD have spent so much time and effort developing this tailored high strength oil.

1400mg Is A Powerful Dose – Especially In This Style

Not many people tend to advance past the 500mg level – but for those who do need that level of intake to feel the advantages, then this is a great oil to consider.

1400mg is all well and good, but when combined with all those additional cannabinoids and terpenes it steps up to a whole new level.

A 14% isolate may well just benignly flow through the digestive tract without so much as a trace of actually attaching to any receptor. But with this style of oil, it’s going to spread and – once again, based on early evidence – be far more prone to bind into the body.

100% Natural & Eco-Friendly CBD Oil

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Another reason why Love CBD is one of the leading companies on the UK market has to be quite simply how seriously they take the quality of their extracts.

The Entourage series is a collaboration of hemp/marijuana plants from multiple farms, all of which adhere to growing only 100% organic top grade plants.

No chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides are used at any stage and only natural fertiliser is deployed to assist with growth and health.

Once cultivated, the entourage oil is extracted using the highest quality CO2-based methods available (the same method used to remove caffeine from coffee beans).

This oil is 14% raw extract and 86% organic olive oil (the best carrying agent going).

Each spray delivers a precise dose that ought to last a twice a day user around a month.

Don’t forget that it’s also a 20ml bottle, whereas many rival companies charge similar rates for just a 10ml serving.

So while this is most assuredly a premium grade product and priced accordingly, the consumer is looked after not just by taking possession of a world-class entourage CBD oil, but also at a greater £ per millilitre rate than usual.


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Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray 2000mg


Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray 2000mgLove CBD has a strong reputation for innovation and once more they have released a superb higher strength CBD oil spray.

Weighing in at a considerable 2000mg (in a 20ml bottle) and containing a full ‘entourage effect’ of cannabinoids, this is a premium grade specialist product for those needing a heavy dose.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there.

Love CBD has decided to discontinue old-school oil drop bottles and focus entirely on oral sprays from now on.

It’s a big step, and as we shall see, one that’s perfect for delivering this outstanding CBD oil throughout the body.

Why The Entourage Effect Matters

The chances are that many people will be familiar with the term ‘full spectrum’. The entourage effect is very similar but veers slightly more towards an isolate CBD oil than other such varieties out there.

Producing oil of this quality is a very exact science. Plenty of evidence suggests that retaining as many cannabinoids and terpenes as possible is an essential factor towards helping CBD travel/spread throughout the body. The problem is that it retains more THC than usual.

So what have Love CBD done differently here?

Like any reliable company, they have posted the independently verified lab testing results of their 2000mg entourage oil spray. This demonstrates that while there are only trace elements of the cannabinoids found in alternative full spectrum products, it’s extremely rich in CBD, CBDa, CBC, and CBG with only a minuscule amount of residual THC. All the goodness of the sativa plant but without any of the high!

Research has yet to establish how much of those additional cannabinoids are needed – but is settling on the opinion that CBDa is absolutely essential.

So we can take from this that this oil has been very carefully extracted and formulated in a manner appropriate to the current scientific understanding on how CBD works within the body.

From a buyer’s perspective, what we have here is a truly specialist oil spray that is simply designed to ‘work’ – and has taken over three years to develop!

Why Love CBD?

Everyone has their favourite companies, but nobody in their right mind can find any fault with the way these folks approach their products.

Using only the very finest hemp grown under license on EU-based farms, there are no artificial agents or chemicals used at any stage of their production process.

When the plants have been harvested, the oil is extracted using eco-friendly (and time-consuming/expensive) CO2-based methods.

The only other ingredient used in this spray is organic olive oil – renowned as the best carrying agent for CBD thanks to its preservative and taste-enhancing properties.

Quality really does play an essential role in producing top-end CBD oil. Those who use weak plants grown in unhealthy conditions use far worse chemical-based extraction methods.

Not only does this compromise the quality of the extract, but it also destroys the soil and perpetuates the growth of low-grade plants.

With Love CBD, you can be rest assured that they cut no corners on quality and are assiduous and transparent when it comes to proving this to their customers.

Perfect For Those Needing High Power Oil

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One of the frustrating factors about CBD is trying to figure out a beneficial dose. Some people strike lucky and find a low dose works for them, but others do need much higher concentrations.

Regardless of what strength is used, quality and the inclusion of ‘entourage cannabinoids’ is essential.

What we have here is a product that’s seriously going to deliver and distribute all that goodness throughout the body. After all, what’s the point in taking 2000mg that just passes straight through the digestive tract? Not much in our opinion!

The use of sprays is another interesting shift and one we’d expect to see adopted more by rival companies in the near future.

Not only are they more practical (and thankfully leak-proof), but they’re ideal for ensuring that you apply an exact dose every single time.

Just like other oil drops, this spray is applied right under the tongue and to be held in place for a couple of minutes. The spray effect coats this naturally absorbent part of the mouth, allowing for as good an ingestion of CBD as pretty much any other method but with minimal wastage.

When using this strength of product it’s vital to avoid any slipping into the digestive tract – and this spray method really does help prevent that.


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Click REVEAL CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

Hemptouch CBD Spray 300mg

Hemptouch CBD Spray 300mgFew would argue that one of the longest-running debates on the CBD scene is where flavourings factor in.

For purists, many would argue that the slightly dank and earthy notes that ought to be expected from ‘pure’ oils, sprays or vape oils is part of the process.

But let’s face it, not everyone gets on with the taste.

The real issue here is finding a manufacturer that does not compromise the integrity of top-class CBD and only uses 100% natural flavourings to make it a little more palatable.

Which brings us to Hemptouch. For those new to CBD, these folks only use the finest production methods to deliver an extract that is as good as it gets.

Key to this is their adherence to not using any solvents or alcohol techniques during any stage of their process.

It’s legitimately a 100% natural, vegan and kosher friendly, made from the best hemp going.

When adding flavourings, they only use real ingredients. There are no industrial nasties used here. So, how do they stand up to testing? Rather impressively!


Hemptouch Spray - PeppermintLet’s cut right to the chase. This is absolutely delicious and a perfect ‘after dinner’ spray.

Usually, we’d recommend that people take a spray right before a meal because it aids integration into the bloodstream – but in this case, it’s ideal for after a meal.

Refreshing and sprightly without being acidic, it’s also not going to compromise all of those quality cannabinoids.

A fantastic choice and standout winner in our opinion.


Hemptouch Spray - OrangeJust the right side of tart without being close to overwhelming, this is lovely and a great choice for those who appreciate their citrus.

Hopefully, a little further down the line, Hemptouch may use this as a perfect base to combine with another fruit.

We’d like something to add a different element – rhubarb perhaps? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

As it stands, this is a lovely little spray with a universal appeal. Who doesn’t like orange?


Hemptouch Spray - CoconutFancy something a little more exotic?

Coconut can be so difficult to get right, often ending up far too sweet.

Hemptouch has delivered the goods here. Totally natural and based on the finest extract, this is a taste of the tropics that is a little short of a pleasure and one of the best sprays we’ve tried.

As with all of their range, this is non-GMO, free from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and parabens.

Absolutely lovely, and we’d love to see it as an e-liquid as well.


Hemptouch Spray - ChocolateThink of a Mars bar without the toffee and that’s about right.

There’s a certain milkiness but also a clear presence of proper cocoa bean.

The result is a luscious delight that would be a perfect complement with both a cup of morning coffee or an evening serving of ice cream.

Just as importantly, and as with all of this range, this is based on MCT oil.

Why does that matter? It not only considerably assists with the absorption of all the goodness, but helps considerably maintain the integrity and shelf life of the product.


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CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mg CBD+CBDa


CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mgLooking to take up a CBD routine but have no idea which spray to start with?

You could do a great deal worse than checking out the range on offer from CBDLife, who have fostered a great reputation for vending top class hemp oil sprays in a crowded marketplace.

Their 400mg (4%) Hemp Oil Spray has received rave reviews, with current users claiming that it’s the perfect dose for helping cope with a wide range of conditions.

While CBD oils affect people in different ways, there does seem to be a genuine effectiveness with this spray that anecdotally suggests it’s more reliable than many other oils on the market.

An Easy To Use & Effective Hemp Spray

Each spray will deliver precisely 5mg of CBD and this product is designed to be taken sublingually. For those unsure what this means, in layman’s terms it means ‘under the tongue’.

While the flavour may not quite be to everyone’s taste it does dissipate quite quickly. To apply (recommended either two or three times per day before a meal) simply spray one dose under the tongue and hold it there for a couple of minutes before swallowing. It’s as easy as that!

While this is far from the strongest/most concentrated oil on the market, it does take effect very quickly. Partially this is because of the ingestion method – spraying under the tongue allows for the swiftest absorption of the CBD into the bloodstream.

For those who seriously struggle with the taste, bear in mind that this oil can be effectively integrated into foodstuffs (cakes and biscuits being especially popular).

“Considered as one of the best and most effective lines on the market.”

Natural & Nutritious

One of the most important factors to examine when selecting an oil is the extraction method used to separate the CBD from the base hemp.

As with all quality oils, CBDLife uses a CO2 extraction technique that is widely considered to be the most effective and natural means of producing oils.

Not only does this result in the lowest possible residual quantities of THC but it also ensures that the oil retains its natural goodness. This 400mg hemp oil spray is packed full of Omega 3/6 and a natural source of vitamin E.

By using the ‘full extract’ rather than distilling it down (as cheaper lines often do) the use of the CO2 extraction process basically protects the natural terpenes which are considered essential to transmitting any potential health benefits in to the body.

Establishing A Suitable Dosage

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Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of using these oils is finding a dose that ‘works’ for your body.

It cannot be stressed enough that CBD oils vary in effectiveness between people and it’s next to impossible to predict a dosage that is guaranteed to deliver results. Some people are just naturally resistant.

In regards to this specific product, we can speculate from the experience of current users that it seems to be one of the more reliable lines on the market.

As with all such products though do expect to have to increase dosage over time to enjoy the same positive effects as the body will slowly develop resistance.

Most people use between 10-20mg/day (2-4 sprays) and it’s sensible practice to start low and increase dosage as necessary.


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Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray 800mg


Entourage Oil 800mgOne of the most noticeable recent trends in the wonderful world of CBD oils is the growing use of sprays instead of old-school droppers.

The logic behind this is pretty straightforward – not only do they deliver an exact amount of liquid per spray but they are also tidier, less fiddly to use and far less liable to leak.

The Love CBD Entourage Oil 800mg offers a perfect example of why sprays are becoming ever more popular with both manufacturers and end users.

Yet this product is quite a bit different from most of the other sprays on the market – indeed it may just happen to be the very best CBD sprays currently out there.

What Makes The Entourage Spray Different?

Let’s begin with a brief history lesson!

Raphael Mechoulam – the scientist who first identified the different compounds that make up the cannabis plant (THC, CBD etc) – believed that when used for health purposes, it was essential to have as many active cannabinoids bound together as possible.

The theory runs that they complement each other and create an overall more powerful and long-lasting health boost, hence the ‘Entourage’ factor.

Love CBD has spent three years identifying specifically powerful cannabinoids from a variety of different strains of the cannabis plant sourced from all over the world.

“May well be one of the very best sprays on the market.”

These seeds have then been cultivated in their own farm under exacting organic conditions creating what can justifiably be regarded as a truly 100% organic CBD compound. They don’t use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals at any stage of the growing process.

At 800mg (8%), it’s also pretty strong! Besides the active CBD, the only other ingredient is again totally organic olive oil, which is by far the best base for this kind of product.

Olive oil not only helps make the spray a little more palatable but it also serves to ensure that the active ingredients retain their strength/integrity even after months since being opened.

There are absolutely no artificial flavourings or binding agents – it really is as pure as it gets.

Effective/Recommended Dosage

Considering that this is a pretty high concentration spray containing CBD, CBDA, and CBG (as well as a minuscule trace of THC). There is also a good concentration of naturally occurring terpenes which gives marijuana its classic scent and taste.

Note also that this is designed specifically as a food supplement and is not suitable for use in a vaporizer.

Love CBD recommends that clients use just one dose per day taken or combined with food.

Each spray delivers exactly 0.16ml of oil containing 6.4mg of CBD. While this is certainly a sensible amount to start with, it may well not be quite enough for some people to notice any positive effects.

Best Place To Buy

Everyone’s ideal dosage varies but from experience, we believe that two doses per day will be more likely to deliver for most people.

The good news is that the Entourage spray comes in 20ml bottles and that roughly adds up to around 150 sprays.

If you can get by on the recommended single dose/day then that’s five months worth of CBD oil, and certainly helps justify the comparatively high price point of this product.


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Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil Spray 300mg


Dutch CBD Oil 300mgWhen it comes to sourcing top drawer cannabis for processing into CBD oil sprays, there’s nowhere better than The Netherlands.

Love CBD have formed partnerships with a selection of Dutch farms that specifically row only the purest, utterly unadulterated cannabis plants.

There’s no pesticides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals used at any stage of the growing process, with the result being that when harvested the crop is exactly as nature intended.

A surprisingly tiny proportion of commercial marijuana is cultivated by these means nowadays, but rather than sell it for smoking these farms instead sell it wholesale for conversion into CBD oils. Is the difference noticeable?

Strength Isn’t Everything

Given the provenance and quality of the plants used in the production of the Love CBD Dutch 300mg oil spray, you may be forgiven for wondering why the concentration is comparatively low.

After all, other products in this range can contain double or even treble as much of the active ingredient. Thinking this way is a common misnomer that tends to confuse many people new to the CBD world.

Unlike recreational marijuana where strength does indeed play a considerable factor in determining the ‘quality’ of the crop, with CBD you are instead looking for the perfect combination of active cannabinoids. This is more important than concentration because remember there is barely a trace element of THC left over following a CO2 extraction process.

Nobody undertakes a routine in order to get high – simply because it’s impossible!

“The CBD included here is of the absolute highest quality.”

Yet the quality of the hemp plays a crucial factor in the eventual effectiveness of the product.

Thanks to having famously liberal attitudes towards marijuana, Dutch growers have the freedom to source the finest seeds and strains in the world and possess the mindset of harvesting only 100% organic and natural plants.

When processed into CBD oil, the resulting product is as good as can be found anywhere.

The Proof Is In The Testing

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One of the best features of Love CBD as a company is their absolute transparency when it comes to publishing the results following independent testing.

According to their most recently published test results, their Dutch spray consists of 15mg CBD, 10mg CBDA and a tiny 0.31mg of that unwanted THC.

In regards to sheer purity, those figures set a genuine benchmark for quality, so even though this may not be the ‘strongest’ on the market, it’s quantifiably one of the finest.

Determining The Appropriate Dosage

Be aware that this is a food supplement and absolutely not suitable for vaping!

As outlined above, it’s not the ‘strongest’ concentrate out there, with a single 20ml bottle containing 300mg of CBD & CBDa.

Each spray amounts to exactly 0.16ml containing 2.4mg of CBD. So where does this leave us regarding determining a suitable dosage?

If you’re new to CBD, the best way to establish a regular dosage routine is to ‘taper up’.

Everyone is different (and for a sorry few they will naturally be immune/non-responsive to any dose) but given that concentration we’d recommend starting on two sprays a day taken with food.

That may be not quite enough – in fact, we’d speculate that for most people using a standard spray it wouldn’t be enough. But this is not your standard spray! It’s far purer than the vast majority of generic oils/sprays out there, so it’s possible that it could be a case of less being more with this product. The only way to find out for sure is to give it a try!


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