CBD Asylum Sub Ohm Shot 500mg


CBD Asylum Sub Ohm Shot 500mgOne of the most frequently asked questions newcomers to the wonderful world of CBD ask is – quite understandably – which is the best method of taking their dose?

Drops, sprays, capsules, edibles, balms, and others all have their merits, but most would agree that vaping offers the most efficient way of absorbing the supplement directly into the bloodstream.

Vaping CBD is simple, does not require any expensive devices, contains zero carcinogenic nasties and usually no nicotine either.

The CBD Asylum Sub-Ohm shot offers amazing flexibility compared to most other products currently on the market. Instead of being a ‘ready to go’ e-liquid, it’s intended to be used as an additional supplement that’s applied to an e-liquid of your choice.

Rather than be lumped with a limited choice of flavours (which make up the vast majority of CBD e-liquids on the market), you can add this to whatever liquid you like regardless of manufacturer. Basically, just a few drops in your tank will boost your vape with a hefty dose of CBD goodness.

A Fantastic Solution For Experienced & Novice Vapers

Those who follow the UK CBD scene closely will likely know that CBD Asylum is one of the most groundbreaking names out there. They are quite genuinely determined to make this supplement as accessible as possible to as many people as they can.

With the CBD Asylum Sub-Ohm shot range they have identified a way to assist vapers to incorporate CBD into their daily go-to, be it throughout the day or as a more regimented dosing routine.

The obvious advantage of this product is that it can be added to pretty much any e-liquid you wish. So, those new to vaping can pick whatever flavour(s) they like, fill their tank about 80%, and top up the final 20% with their CBD-infused shot.

What was just a typical e-liquid is now going to deliver a pretty solid dose of entirely legal and non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Worried about how the sub-ohm shot may corrupt and alter the taste of your tasty e-liquid? Fret not – it’s entirely flavourless and contains none of the rather dank ‘hempiness’ that’s commonly found in most CBD-infused e-liquids.

This is ideal for those who already know what they like and want to keep enjoying those tastes, as well as offering fantastic flexibility for those new to vaping to explore e-liquids and freely add CBD to whatever juice they like most.

What About The Sub-Ohm Factor?

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CBD Asylum has previously released a couple of similar ‘booster’ products that have been geared predominantly towards the higher PG (propylene glycol) liquids that dominate the market.

However, trends are changing towards people opting ever more for those which contain a higher amount of VG (vegetable glycerine). The key difference here is that sub-ohm vaping which uses the latter liquids (typically between a 50/50 – 70/30 VG/PG ratio) to produce much greater and more flavourful clouds.

Doing this effectively requires a more powerful than usual setup and coils capable of managing sub-ohm vaping. Compared to just a couple of years ago, these kits are only marginally more expensive nowadays and most would agree that they offer a much more enjoyable and flexible way to vape.

When it comes to ingesting CBD, sub-ohm vaping simply makes sense. Larger clouds = more supplement hitting straight into the bloodstream with practically no wastage.

Sub-ohm vaping requires a ‘direct to lung’ method of inhalation rather than a ‘direct to mouth’ draw as you would with a conventional vape or nasty old cigarette. Deep inhalation allows the supplement to be fully absorbed into the body in as efficient a way as possible.

As this is designed to be added to an e-liquid you could perhaps get away with combining a few drops with a higher PG/VG ratio juice. Just do so with a little care as it may ‘gunk up’ if used excessively.

The CBD Asylum Sub-Ohm Shot is best used with a dedicated set-up and we’d agree with the majority who believe it’s a more pleasant way to enjoy vaping anyway.

What’s In The CBD Asylum Sub-Ohm 500mg Shot?

This is a very high VG e-liquid that’s available either completely flavourness or with the option of a hint of cherry or menthol. It can be mixed with nicotine-infused e-liquids and is guaranteed never to crystallise in any short-fill tank.

The only other ingredients are CBD Asylum’s 100% organic and ethically approved CBD isolate (500mg in this case) and natural carrying agents. All of this is packed into a 10ml bottle that with daily application of just a few drops ought to last most vapers between 6-8 weeks or so.

500mg is a good strength for a CBD e-liquid. The major advantage of this product in practical terms is that it can be stretched out to last a long while.

Plenty of people choose to vape in order to ‘top-up’ their levels as and when required, and rely on another more precisely measured supplement such as oil drops or capsules to ensure they maintain a steady level.

Either way, this is probably the best CBD e-liquid additive currently on the market for those who specifically enjoy sub-ohm vaping.


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VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil


VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Vape OilOver the last year or two, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in the number of people opting to try out ‘full spectrum’ varieties of CBD oil.

CBD retailers have been quick to release their own proprietary varieties of these products.

VSAVI – one of the best names in the game – have added an e-liquid to their already impressive range which is available in strengths of 100mg or 300mg.

Whilst not what most people would consider being particularly ‘strong’ in terms of concentration, it’s believed that full-spectrum varieties are much more effective than classic variants.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how VSAVI have done with this enticing new e-liquid.

Full Spectrum Is Simply Superior

Just in case you may be entirely new to this variety of CBD e-liquid, full spectrum varieties include pretty much all of the additional components of the hemp plant that are usually lost when creating an isolated extract.

Isolates aim to remove as much of the THC as materially possible – and in doing so eradicate the essential vitamins and minerals, terpenes, flavonoids, and other nutrients which are naturally occurring within the hemp plant.

An increasingly assured body of research suggests that for CBD to be effectively absorbed into and across the body, these additional components provide an essential role.

From our personal experience, we’ve seen plenty of occasions where people have found isolate CBD ineffective at very high strengths, yet enjoyed real benefits using much lower concentrations of full spectrum product.

So while 100mg or 300mg may be considered a bit on the low side, don’t allow that to count against the quality of this CBD e-liquid unless you know for a fact that you don’t a much higher dose than usual.

A Sensible & Straightforward CBD E-Liquid

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Now we’ve established what makes this variety of juice stand out from the crowd, let’s take a look at how it actually performs.

There are two things that can put people off full spectrum varieties:

  1. The first is an inaccurate assumption that because the hemp has been processed to a lower level there will be higher retention of THC. To an extent, there’s some truth in this, but we’re talking levels that are so low it doesn’t really matter. VSAVI assure their customers that both strengths of this line contain well below the 0.2% THC level permitted by the Home Office. To put that in simple terms, you will not fail a drugs test or get remotely high!
  2. The actual taste. VSAVI don’t add any artificial flavourings (or any other dodgy ingredients for that matter) meaning that these are quite full on ‘hempy’ tasting products. They may not be to everyone’s taste – so if you think it may be an issue, you should perhaps consider trying out a similar product at your local vape store first.

Why Vape VSAVI’s Full Spectrum?

Vaping is rightly regarded as the quickest and most efficient way of absorbing your dose into the bloodstream. There’s very little wastage with the only downside being that it may last a little less time than alternative delivery methods.

There’s no need for any fancy kit either – a basic vape pen device sold at the local grocery store is good enough (and don’t believe anyone who says otherwise!).

What we would recommend is that you should consider picking up a dedicated kit, especially so if you’re already a regular vaper. Some existing users have mentioned that it does mix well with other e-liquids – and at an 80/20 PG/VG ratio it’s easy to appreciate why this may well be the case.

However, if you intend on maintaining just a regular dosing routine, then we’d recommend most people take a couple of draws 3 or 4 times a day to begin with, and see where that takes you. There are dosing guides on the VSAVI website to help get you started.


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VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 500mg


VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 500mgLooking for a refreshing new CBD vape for the new year? And one that delivers exactly as claimed? Well, the chances are that this rather tremendous effort from VSAVI could fit the bill.

Make no mistake – this is one for the purists. It’s unflavoured, unadulterated and just a cracking option if used uniquely or as a supplement to a general routine.

A Highly Reliable Option

First things first – when it comes to a CBD e-liquid always look out for the manufacturer’s reputation.

VSAVI is without question one of the best names on the UK scene at the moment. They put a level of pride into the quality of their end product that garnishes this reputation.

To put it simply – you get what you pay for, and in this case, it just happens to be a fantastic CBD e-liquid.

For those new to the scene, VSAVI is one of the elite UK manufacturers of top-grade CBD extract. They go to extreme lengths to deliver as pure an extract as possible.

Only licensed EU hemp farms are contracted, and the cultivation and extraction processes are a benchmark for what ought to be industry standard quality.

Sure, there’s cheaper out there – but the advantage here is that you get a real bang for the buck.

Entirely Safe

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One of the most persistent issues with vaping CBD e-liquid is the assumption that it’s somehow unhealthy.

Be assured that this contains absolutely no addictive ingredients – and certainly not anything to be unhealthy in the slightest. All this e-liquid comprises is a hefty dose of CBD, combined with Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). There’s no tar or carcinogens.

Another core factor to consider is that this is an isolate. That means that there’s next to no residual THC (the component which gets one high) – and what does remain is a mere fraction of the UK legal limit.

One of the reasons to trust VSAVI is that they take the quality of their manufacturing to a different level. All of their extracts are performed under the strictest sanitary standards. What is considered a “clean room” laboratory also involves GMO-free, 100% vegetarian-friendly, and of course gluten-free.

Why Vape CBD?

It’s been demonstrated by anecdote and science that vaping is the best way to ingest CBD. Sure, there’s still room for capsules, oil drops and so forth but when it comes to hitting the system pretty much instantly – vaping is the way.

VSAVI claim that the ‘effects’ ought to be felt within a minute or so. We’re not so sure about those estimates as the fact is that everyone is different and will be more or less responsive to the benefits by body chemistry alone.

What ‘works’ for one person is going to be ineffective for another. The advantage here is that it’s a high strength isolate that’s going to deliver.

The 80:20 PG/VG combination is worth mentioning. This is not a liquid for heady cloud chasing. It’s much more about a straight hit into the system with minimal wastage. At this level of strength, it’s designed for a few draws a day.

So while the price point may be higher than expected, that 10ml bottle is going to stretch a hell of a long way.


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VSAVI Flavoured CBD E-Liquid


VSAVI Flavoured CBD Vape OilsVSAVI have a superb reputation when it comes to delivering truly top quality CBD extracts.

By our estimation, they’re comfortably one of the best names on the UK scene in regards to purity and consistency. You can read our full company review for them here.

That being said, before now, they haven’t been an automatic go-to for CBD e-liquids. The ones they’ve released in the past have been top class, but simply lacked flavoured options.

For a company that produces outstanding high VG e-liquids with some of the best flavours going, this struck us as a little odd.

Needless to say, when we heard that they’ve recently released a far broader range we had to take a try.

Not only are VSAVI offering a good quality range in terms of strength and concentration, but they’re now offering flavoured options alongside their “Original” flavour.

The presence of full spectrum vape oils, including all those lovely terpenes and cannabinoids that tend to be rather neglected in the CBD e-liquid scene added further to our excitement.

So how did they do when put to the test? Let’s take a closer look.

A Great Range Of Strengths

Something many people who vape their CBD find frustrating is figuring out a dose that works for them.

With the latest VSAVI range, you’ll find that they offer a 50mg (0.5%) option ranging all the way up to a cool 1,000mg.

There are also 100mg, 300mg and 500mg options, which speaking from personal experience, are around the level most people get on with. 50mg is a bargain at their current price point – and makes casual, around the clock CBD vaping far more affordable than it has been before. But the 1000mg option will, as expected, leave a hearty hole in anyone’s bank balance.

Quality Makes A Huge Difference

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While vaping CBD continues to become an ever more popular way of dosing, quality really does count.

Whether taken alone or as a supplementary method to capsules or oil drops, the important factor is to never neglect quality. You can have the best quality hemp on the market, yet if extracted using nasty chemicals (ethanol being the worst) you’ll end up with a distinctly second-rate extract.

VSAVI only source their hemp from the best – licensed – cannabis plantations in the EU. All of these plants are organically grown and cultivated.

When it comes to extracting the CBD, they use a 100% CO2 process that is the absolute benchmark of any good product. Alongside the key extract, they also include “full spectrum” cannabinoids and terpenes that tend to be wiped out by less benign methods.

Flavour Options

There’s a mounting body of research that suggests full spectrum ranges are simply a more effective way of carrying the key extract through the body. Sure, it may not be to everyone’s immediate taste, but if it comes to the crunch we’d always recommend these ahead of anything calling itself ‘pure’ extract. The VSAVI range includes options which are specifically produced to reinforce these essential elements.

So What About The Flavours?

Available FlavoursNow the science is out of the way, here’s an appraisal on what to expect from the latest VSAVI line of CBD e-liquids.

These guys really do know how to produce delicious juices – in fact, it amazes us they haven’t expanded their traditional e-juices recently.

For those who (like us) prefer a totally natural taste jam-packed with terpene richness, look no further than the “OG Kush With Terpenes”. It’s a genuinely delicious e-liquid, packed full of natural goodness and vapes very easily on the body and throat.

For anyone vaping CBD as a supplement to a standard dose (oil or capsule) then it’s difficult to see anything as good on the market right now.

In terms of their flavoured CBD vape oils, they currently offer the following flavours:

  • Lemon Haze with terpenes
  • OG Kush with terpenes
  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Mango
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Peach
  • Blueberry
  • Orange
  • Vanilla

They’re excellent examples of what you’d expect from premium e-liquids – and the fact that they’re also inclusive of CBD just makes them even better.

At a push, we’d lean towards Strawberry being the highlight – but it’s a personal choice. The Apple is zesty, and the Lemon Haze even more so – possibly leaning on being a little overpowering for first-time vapers. Yet the Strawberry is sweet without being sickly, and a great choice for a daily go-to.


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VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 300mg


VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 300mgVSAVI has carved something of a name for themselves in the CBD vaping scene with a focus on delivering organic, ethical and high-quality oils to a marketplace that lurches wildly in quality.

CBD vaping oils are typically a fair bit more expensive than standard nicotine-based e-liquids, so it’s especially important you’re getting real value for money.

Before getting into the specifics of the VSAVI CBD 300mg, it’s worth just pointing out a couple of general rules of thumb when shopping for any vape oil.

Stay clear of any flavoured CBD oils – they not only dilute the potency of the product, but obviously add an element of the artificial to what ought to be a fully natural product.

Also, always take time to look into the manufacturing process as some (as we shall shortly see) are far more ethical and effective than others.

Is 300mg Too Much?

Experts in the field are quick to point out that oils claiming to be especially powerful may actually be less effective than their weaker counterparts.

Generally speaking, they believe that 300mg is pretty much the ceiling when it comes to vaping efficiently and without risking damage to your equipment.

VSAVI also offer oils at 50mg and 100mg (which are correspondingly cheaper) and they may be more appropriate for new/casual users.

Yet if you’re in the market for a relatively high strength CBD vaping oilthis is a real contender for being one of the best available.

Best Place To Buy

What Makes VSAVI 300mg Stand Out?

Using an olive oil base ought to be the benchmark for any CBD manufacturer. This entirely natural substance helps preserve the quality for an essentially indefinite period of time compared to other base agents.

All VSAVI vape oils use this technique so it’s no surprise to see it used here in their top of the line product, but it’s once again worth reiterating how important this simple factor can be.

Moving on to the manufacturing process, and this may as well be the blueprint for how a CBD oil ought to be produced.

Using CO2 extraction methods instead of using chemicals is not just environmentally sound but also allows for a much better overall quality. This lays the foundations for what is an entirely organic, gluten free, 100% vegetarian, organic and overall extremely ethical product.

If you’re looking for a CBD vape without propylene glycol, this is a fantastic product to choose.

How Does It Perform?

A vape oil of this strength may be overkill for some people who simply don’t need this level of strength.

Finding the right personal dose is the big headache when it comes to using CBD oil as everyone’s body chemistry and natural tolerance varies.

Some will find that regular vaping on just a 50mg oil will be plenty good enough, yet others may need the sheer strength of the VSAVI 300mg oil or even higher to feel any benefit.

People who enjoy the taste of CBD will find that this is noticeably richer than lower grade options. That’s not to say it’s unpleasant – just a little richer and perhaps ‘earthier’ than what current users may have experienced before.

Considering also that this is only a 10ml bottle unless you are lucky enough to be made of money this oil does not economically lend itself to sub-ohm style vaping.

That being said, it would be a great choice for people who look to take a dose three or four times a day and want to be certain that they are receiving a ‘full hit’ straight to the bloodstream.


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CBDLife Hemp E-Liquid 300mg


CBDLife Hemp E-Liquid 300mgThis 300mg e-liquid is currently the strongest concentration offered by CBDLife.

Unlike CBD oil drops where it’s generally recommended to start with a low dosage and work up to that ‘sweet spot’, CBD e-liquids are a little different.

The key advantage of vaping is that it allows for the quickest and most comprehensive absorption of the oil, and it’s the most effective means of ingestion.

As this makes dosage generally less structured than sticking to a regular oral drops routine, it makes sense to use an e-liquid towards the stronger end of the scale.

A Premium Quality CBD E-Liquid

CBDLife is one of the leading companies out there when it comes to manufacturing natural, organic and high-quality CBD e-liquids.

Their production method is strictly solvent-free and instead they employ a far more environmentally sound CO2 extraction process (just like used to decaffeinate coffee beans).

Once this has been full-spectrum extracted, it’s combined with a natural flavouring (more on this below) and a combination of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol which are both used widely throughout the food industry. In all essence, it’s identical to a typical e-liquid just with the nicotine substituted for CBD extract.

An important consideration and testimony to the quality of this e-liquid is that it has been very carefully designed to prevent any excessive crystallisation.

A common bugbear in earlier releases and still an issue with lower quality CBD e-liquid is that it had a tendency to ‘gunk up’ tanks and atomisers at an alarming speed.

CBDLife have perfected a method that prevents this while still carrying a hefty amount of the active ingredient.

Is Flavouring A Good Idea?

Plenty of purists will undoubtedly be up in arms at the very notion of adding flavourings to a CBD based e-liquid.

While they claim that their flavourings are ‘natural’ if anyone can explain how ‘Black Ice’ is a naturally occurring flavour please write in on a postcard! What they mean of course is that these artificial tastes are formulated using natural ingredients, so it depends on your perspective how much this may be considered to compromise their claims for being 100% natural/organic.

Best Place To Buy

Our opinion is that standard e-liquids all use these anyway, so what’s the big deal? It’s something worth being aware of though.

At the time of writing this review, they offer Natural Hemp, Strawberry, Spearmint and the mysterious aforementioned ‘Black Ice’. What is also worth noting is that these high PG e-liquids can be blended with your favourite standard e-liquid, although we’d recommend only pairing with zero nicotine e-liquids.

Value For Money

Make no mistake this isn’t a cheap e-liquid. As with all CBD products, the price leaps incrementally depending upon the strength of the concentration and as this is one of the highest on the market, it’s understandably pretty expensive.

For this reason, it would be a sensible idea to keep your vaping kit/set-up separate from your standard daily vape. Not only will this substantially lengthen how long it lasts, but it makes it easier to keep track of dosage and limit unnecessary consumption.

It’s also worth noting that this e-liquid will work perfectly fine with pretty much any CBD vape pen. There’s no need to splash out on high powered units or complex box mods.


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Mountain Fox CBD E-Liquid 200mg

Mountain Fox CBD E-Liquid 200mgWhen it comes to the most effective way to take CBD, vaping is the king of the crop.

Sure, it may not be ideal for everyone, but physiologically speaking there is no more effective way.

Capsules and drops can be fabulous, but they tend to be seen more as a longer-term kind of supplement.

E-liquids (zero nicotine/toxins of course) help provide a more instant sense of calm. There’s a lot to be said for taking a draw on a vape when it comes to stress management, which is one of the reasons CBD e-liquids have become so popular over the last year or two.

Yet there’s always that big question which should be asked. Which is the best?

While it’s easy to rely on favourites, the Mountain Fox CBD range is well worth a look.

Yes, they flung us some samples – and typically speaking, we shy away from flavours with CBD. But when it’s done this well, it’s quite the head-turner!

Here’s a selection of the best flavours:

Mangoes & Cream

Mangoes & Cream

The universal winner! Even those without a sweet tooth found this just fantastic.

The initial inhale delivers the sweetness, and on the exhale there is that sense of fresh shortbread.

Quite how this was invented is beyond us; an absolute delight and a visionary way of the future of CBD vaping.

Blackcurrant & Menthol

Blackcurrant & Menthol

Lovely stuff.

The menthol aspect may sound less than ideal for former smokers, but when combined with the tart – and it is deeply so – aspect of blackcurrant it’s a proper mindblower!

Not sure if it’d be the kind of thing to last over a vaping session, but without question as a quick draw or two while on the go, this is a fabulous option.

Cannabis Sativa L

Cannabis Sativa L

Ex-smokers need look no further!

All the taste with none of the high, this is a beautiful, rich, and very dense draw.

As to be expected, there is no scent left over. The inhale skips the pungency as well.

Ideally served with coffee or mint tea, this is ideal for an after dinner vape.

Strawberry & Watermelon

Strawberry & Watermelon

All the taste without the pips!

A lovely combination for those who like sweetness.

Could maybe use a little more watermelon.

It’s full-bodied on the sweetness side, but still a delicious pairing.

Perfect for a morning vape – just do so before brushing the teeth!

Why Does Mountain Fox E-Liquid Stand Out?

Best Place To Buy

As a range and variety, they’re one of the best in the business.

It’d be great if they packaged the above four flavours in to a package, but hey we can’t have everything!

What we do have here is an ensemble that matches their ethos.

All these e-liquids are 100% vegan, contain nothing nasty, vape beautifully and are sourced from the best hemp going.


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Love CBD Indica CBD E-Liquid 250mg


At first glance, it may seem a little unusual for a CBD e-liquid containing zero THC (the psychoactive agent of the cannabis plant) to specifically market itself by being infused with a specific cannabis terpene.

If the e-liquid isn’t going to get you high, then what’s the point in stressing that this liquid is infused specifically with Indica?

For those unaware of the difference, Indica strains of cannabis tend to be more mellow and relaxing compared to Sativa which is characterised by being more upbeat and energetic.

So does having these specific additional terpenes make a difference to the overall quality of the e-liquid or is it just a marketing gimmick?

The Indica Is Genuinely Noticeable

You may have rightly guessed that we weren’t expecting a great deal from this e-liquid even though it has been developed by Love CBD who have a reputation of only releasing very fine products.

After a couple of days of regular use (a few deep draws three times a day), it was clear that there’s something about having that additional Indica boost.

It certainly did feel like it had a kind of edge compared to more generic CBD vaping e-liquids that delivered a little more in the sense of relaxation.

Best Place To Buy

To qualify this – everyone experiences different effects from this kind of product and we’d certainly not guarantee similar results across the board.

Is this a psychosomatic reaction? Honestly, it’s impossible to say for certain.

Love CBD does claim that they have formulated this liquid in order to mimic the effect of Indica strains of cannabis, but quite how that works without THC is beyond us!

So all we can say for certain is that there is indeed something different about this e-liquid, and the added Indica does certainly work well with vaping.

A Natural & High-Quality E-Liquid

The Love CBD Indica e-liquid contains 250mg of CBD within the 10ml bottle.

Other than the active ingredients and the additional terpenes, the only other ingredients are the standard PG/VG mix just as you’d see in a standard vape liquid.

It does not come with any kind of artificial ingredient or flavourings, so be aware of that if you struggle with the taste of pure oils. There’s no reason why it couldn’t be mixed with a flavoured e-liquid should you wish, but we’d recommend not blending with nicotine.

How Much Should I Take?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s usually sensible practice to keep your CBD vape entirely separate from your daily vape (if indeed you use one).

“This is a very interesting e-liquid and one that we’d certainly recommend for people who use CBD.”

While there’s no reason why you couldn’t just vape on this around the day – there is no toxicological limit on how much CBD you can safely consume – bear in mind that it will become rather expensive!

Keeping this style of vaping separate makes it much easier to monitor consumption and regulate your dosage, although as ever vaping is much more difficult to quantify/measure compared to oral sprays and drops.

It’s also worth quickly noting that vaping is probably the most effective means of ingesting the goodness within these e-liquids.

Whether using a mouth to lung or straight to lung technique, vaping ensures that the CBD goes directly into the bloodstream rather than having to be processed by the digestive tract.

These liquids are 100% natural, organic and nicotine free.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

Love CBD Sativa CBD E-Liquid 250mg


One of the most common questions asked concerning CBD e-liquids infused with the terpenes from the marijuana plant is whether or not they are legal.

As odd as it may sound, adding terpenes – in this case, Sativa but there also Indica varieties available – is perfectly above board and can significantly improve the overall quality of any CBD product.

In this case, we’re looking at the Sativa 250mg e-liquid – and we can expect that the addition of these specific terpenes should provide a more uplifting ‘punchier’ effect compared to standard oils and e-liquids.

This addition does come at a price; and make no mistake – this is a premium product that’s truly designed for the connoisseurs out there!

So does the addition of Sativa justify the price tag? Let’s find out.

A Quality CBD E-Liquid

Let’s start with making one thing very clear – even without the additional terpenes this is an outstanding standalone e-liquid.

Love CBD has garnered an excellent reputation for producing as natural and organic CBD products as possible. You can read our full review of this company here.

Refreshingly, this is also the case with this e-liquid, which is comprised of just the active ingredients, additional terpenes and a 50/50 Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin base.

Just in case anyone is totally new to vaping, the latter two ingredients may sound like nasty chemicals but in fact, they are entirely benign components used across the food industry and are 100% safe.

“one of the best CBD e-liquids currently on the UK market”

The base cannabis used is grown on ethical farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or any other dangerous chemical at any stage of the growing process.

As these are Sativa based, the plants grow tall and lanky (Indica tend to be shorter and wider) until the time of harvest.

Reassuringly, the Love CBD team use a CO2 extraction process which uses pretty much nothing other than warm air to cultivate the desired cannabinoids.

So to put it bluntly, when it comes to developing a CBD e-liquid this is basically the template for how to do so in the most effective, healthy and environmentally friendly way possible.

Enjoying A Sativa Based Vape

Best Place To Buy

All this is well and good but it’s time to ask the million dollar question – does it work?

First of all, we need to qualify that just like oils/drops/sprays not everyone is going to be receptive to vaping CBD. This is just a fact of life – people have different body chemistry!

What we can say for sure is that this is a quality and high strength e-liquid, and assuming that an individual is receptive to the goodness we can say with a good dose of confidence that this product is going to impress.

What About Dosage?

Love CBD suggests that in regards to dosage people just use it ‘as needed’.

Personally, we prefer a little more of a structured dosage routine but it’s easy to see why such vague advice is appropriate for this product.

Vaping allows the CBD to instantly hit the bloodstream (it’s why it’s the best method for ingestion in our opinion) with very little wastage.

We’d highly recommend maintaining a separate set-up dedicated for your CBD rather than vape on this like you would a standard e-cig. There’s nothing stopping you from doing so (there is no toxic level of CBD ingestion) but you’d better have deep pockets!

Can you notice the Sativa terpenes? In absolute honesty, it’s difficult to say for sure.

What we have already is an A+ CBD e-liquid so distinguishing the additional Sativa effect is actually quite tricky.

There’s no doubt that there’s something there, and even if it makes only a slight physical difference the truth is that its inclusion adds even more cannabinoids to an already potent mix. Let’s just say it certainly doesn’t do any harm!


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.

CBD Infuse 300mg E-Liquid


CBD Infuse E-Liquid 300mgLooking for a liquid that packs both strength and an awesome variety of flavours? Then this may just be the option for you!

Weighing it at 300mg, and an ideal step up from lower concentrations without going crazy, the standout feature with this CBD Asylum range has to be the taste.

Staying sure to their principles, what we have here is 100% natural CBD e-liquid that’s a pleasure to enjoy.

There are no artificial additives used at any stage of the manufacturing process. The flavours are extracted purely from source. Vegan-friendly, Kosher, sourced from the finest hemp using only the best methods, these are absolute class. Perhaps most importantly, they’re fun as well!

What To Expect

These are an 80/20 PG/VG blend that provides a smooth quick draw while also just enough vapour to make it satisfying.

When it comes to checking out any CBD e-liquid, one of the key aspects to consider is this blend.

Vapour is all well and good, but also tends to equate to wastage. There’s no need to be cloud chasing with CBD based e-liquid unless you have the bankroll of an oligarch! A little goes a very long way.

So shall we take a gander at the flavours CBD Asylum have in their range? Too right we will!

Cool Menthol

Cool Menthol

A great example of how a CBD menthol extract ought to taste.

It’s smooth without compromising any of that refreshing ‘hit’ most associated with such varieties of e-liquid.

Refreshing and clean, this is an ideal place to start with exploring the Asylum range.

Do be warned that it is rather moorish!

Blackcurrant Chill

Blackcurrant Chill

Tangy and expressive would be our tasting notes here.

Don’t worry about the chill element, this is a rich and deep lasting vape that would be amazing as a standard e-liquid as well.

There’s also the refreshing aspect that truly expresses what CBD vaping is all about.

A perfect choice at any time of the day.

Classic Lemonade

Classic Lemonade

A little sweeter than expected, but who doesn’t like lemonade?

Very subtle with not much in the way of an aftertaste.

Recommended to anyone who just takes a quick vape over the day.

Delicious flavour – and not overpowering by any means.

Strawberries & Cream

Strawberries & Cream

A classic combination that pairs so well with CBD.

Quite a few people find that there’s an underlying earthiness that can be slightly off-putting.

This is sweet without being overpowering and is a perfect way of making the core extract as close to maskable as it can possibly get.

Happens to also be a perfect match with a nice cup of tea!

Watermelon Cocktail

Watermelon Cocktail

A with all of the Asylum range, there’s no alcohol involved at any stage of the process. So don’t expect any of the sharpness that may be expected from a daiquiri!

Instead, this is a subtle option, packed with juiciness but configured to go easy on the palette.

Of the five flavours checked out here, it’s by a long way the less intense – and that’s often a good thing.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.