Vapour2 CBD Vape Kit

Vapour2 CBD Vape Kit

Vapour2 CBD Vape KitWhen it comes to getting started out enjoying CBD vaping it can be difficult to know where to start.

Thanks to the oils/liquids containing no nicotine and the majority being 99%+ organic, plenty of people who otherwise do not vape are open-minded to doing so with their CBD.

It is, after all, the most efficient way of getting the goodness straight into your bloodstream. Yet there is always the chance that it simply may not ‘be right’ for some people, so instead of breaking the bank on a top of the range device why not start low and see how it goes?

The Vapour2 is quite possibly the best value CBD starter kit on the market for those who find themselves in this situation – and here’s why.

Contents & Quality

One of the things that tend toput some people off vaping is the size and clunkiness of some of the more powerful models. So how about a very discreet, lightweight (18g) shisha style pen that also packs an astonishing 4.2 volts of power?

Best Place To Buy

Quite how Vapour2 have managed to integrate that quality into such a small space (130mm x 85mm) is little short of a miracle of design. Compared to rival products out there, this model is about half the size of units capable of matching it for power. No surprise that these guys are the #1 ranked vape manufacturers in the USA.

Other than the amazing battery, the kit comes with a Vapour2 Ex-Blank CBD refill tank that is an easy to fill top load design.

As would be expected it fastens reassuringly well to the battery unit and from extensive prior experience, we can vouch that the tank will last a good fortnight before needing to be replaced (spares/replacements are reassuring cheap!).

Battery life is good for around 24 hours steady use and a fast charge micro USB cable is included.


“It packs just the right amount of power to complement quality vaping.”

In a word – fantastic. When it comes to efficient CBD vaping it’s really all about the quality of the clouds – after all, that’s what you’re inhaling directly into the body so you want consistency and smoothness. That is exactly what the Vapour2 delivers and why it’s one of the most popular budget vape kits on the planet!

While ostensibly it’s designed for the more mainstream vaping community, the fact of the matter is that it’s perfectly suitable for CBD vaping as well. If anything, that 4.2 volts (most rivals rarely offer more than 3.7V) is a perfect match for the optimum temperature that most CBD e-liquids like to be heated at for maximum performance.

Although no liquid is included in this kit – we can’t have everything – it worked sublimely with a straightforward 1mg CBD oil from our personal stash.

After a couple of days steady use we checked out the tank to see if there had been an accumulation of gunk around the atomizer. Thankfully there was no residue whatsoever, and we’d confidently expect that this tank will comfortably last a good fortnight before there are any signs of degradation in performance.

With replacements costing just a couple of quid each and cheaper when bought in bulk, that’s excellent longevity especially for what is marketed as a basic and introductory product.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

You may have guessed by now that we really do like the Vapour2 range and have an awful lot of time for this product in regards to effective and enjoyable CBD vaping.

Not only is it beautifully designed, super lightweight and discreet but it packs just the right amount of power to complement quality vaping.

It's easy to use and set up - instructions are provided but really there's not much to learn at all - making it ideal for people totally new to vaping. Something that is always worth considering even for regular vapers is to have a dedicated kit for CBD vaping to prevent cross-contamination.

You could do an awful lot worse than consider this as a secondary kit for such purposes.

Overall, a legit product that cannot be recommended enough. Brilliant.

High quality device
Highly portable
Makes for the perfect CBD starter kit
The battery capacity is not the best, so if you're a frequent vaper, it's advised that you purchase an additional battery in addition to this kit.
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