Volcano Classic Vaporizer Review

Volcano Classic Vaporizer

Anyone who has frequented an Amsterdam coffee shop in recent years may have enjoyed using this style of vaporizer.

The Volcano Classic from Storz & Bickel is a patented vaporizing/aromatherapy unit that uses a ‘balloon’ system to capture, store, and of course enjoy your clouds.

It’s certainly an unusual system rarely seen on the UK vape scene until recently, but already there’s a growing body of aficionados claiming that it’s the best vaping experience they’ve ever enjoyed.

So is this a 21st-century shisha pipe – or just an overpriced gimmick? Let’s take a look at our findings.

How The Volcano Classic Works

Just for clarity’s sake let’s be clear from the start that this is really a static device designed for use at home.

In a nutshell, it works by attaching a balloon over the top of the ‘volcano’ peak which will inflate with filtered vapour from your herb and concentrates.

It uses a straightforward convection element to gently heat your goodies and is capable of doing so at between 104°F and a very impressive 446°F.

The herb/concentrates have the advantage of a very wide heating platform which ensures that the resulting vapour is extremely consistent and very well balanced.

All you need to control your balloon inflation exactly to your preferences is to set the heat and air appropriately. You may like to experiment with these a little as it does vary depending on what you’re choosing to vape.

As would also be expected, this latest version of the Volcano (the design has been around for decades) also employs state of the art temperature and ventilation control to prevent overheating.

Once the bag is filled with delicious clouds, puff, and pass, to your heart’s content! It can be disconnected from the Volcano and enjoyed at leisure.

While clearly ideal for group sessions, it also works nicely for a handy personal vape and will comfortably fit on a side table. The unit only weighs 1.8kg and takes up about as much space as a small potted plant.

Easy Valve Kit

Image: The Easy Valve Starter Kit (available to buy as an optional extra).

How Well Does It Perform?

Best Place To Buy

Now let’s discuss the million pound question!

Make no mistake – we weren’t quite sure what to make of this device. While it’s true very similar designs are to be found in those Dutch coffeeshops, this seemed a little smaller to what we remembered.

Fortunately, none of that matters! There’s no question whatsoever that after just a couple of puffs you’ll be blown away by the quality of the clouds generated by the Volcano Classic. It’s no less than stunning.

Over a couple of days, we tried it with dry herbs and concentrates with there being essentially no difference in quality between the two.

If forced to choose we’d say herb was up there with the best ever tried.

Regarding ease of use, once you get your head around vaping from a balloon it’s absolutely awesome.

Nice and light, with no chance of running out of battery juice thanks to not actually having one! It stores up to 0.75g a time but if anything we’d say 0.5g will provide more than enough for a typical little session, and will provide idyllic clouds for plenty of time.

A full balloon should provide around 6-8 hours of vaping. Heating up time is around 2 to 3 minutes depending on the load – a little longer than usual but that is due to the size of the heating element and a tiny compromise to make for world-class cloud chasing.

A Comprehensive Kit

Considering this is a specialist German import that uses dedicated accessories, parts and balloons, it’s easy to assume that you’ll be in a pickle when it is time to replace components.

Fortunately, this is not the case. All replaceable parts are not only easy to find online from UK-based distributors nowadays, but the kit comes with enough spares to last the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty. This includes balloons (each is supposedly good for 50-100 refills), filter pads, screens, cleaning kit, and liquid pad.

Replacement balloons are very cheap, and the supplied screens/pads (estimated to last around a year) are also not going to break the bank either.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 20cm Width / 18cm Height
Temperature Range 266°F to 446°F (130°C to 230°C)
Oven Volume 0.75g
Heating Method Convection
Weight 1.6kg
Heat-up Time 3 mins
Powered By Power supply


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Well, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer is certainly one of the more interesting products to try out recently.

For sheer quality of vape, this is easily a five-star product and one which experienced users are going to absolutely cherish.

Folks who already own a Volcano have often done so for years - as even the fanciest and most stylish 'modern' vaporizers struggle to compete in regards to quality.

Sure, it may take a little getting used to, but for those willing to take a plunge we can say with absolute certainty that they will rapidly fall in love with this vaporizer.

Perfect for those who would like to simulate the coffee shop experience at home.

The Volcano Classic produces hands-down one of the best vaping experiences on Earth.
Unique design allows for static enjoyment or take your balloons out and about.
Easy to use/clean for both herbs and concentrate.
A considerably better way to vape thanks to multiple screens and filters.
3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty from one of the best names in vaping.
Some people will find the balloon format inconvenient.
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