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Volcano Digit Vaporizer

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Volcano Digit Vaporizer With Easy Valve ReviewHow do you make one of the most loved home vaporizers even better, but without compromising on a winning formula?

This was the problem facing Storz & Bickel when they were looking to upgrade their legendary – but starting to show its age – Volcano vaporizer.

For those unfamiliar with this device, it has legions of fans from across the globe. It uses a proprietary balloon-based system to deliver peerless quality herb and concentrate vaping.

With the upgraded Digit vaporizer, they’ve made the system more personalisable, even easier to use and maintain, and with the inclusion of a brand new Easy Valve set, much more simple to get up and running.

But is it truly worthy of such a high-end price tag? Let’s take a closer look.

The Digital Display Is A Complete Game Changer

Just in case you may be unfamiliar with the Volcano Classic vaporizer, perhaps the only downside is that the unit never had much in the way of variable settings. You filled it up, attached a balloon, turned it on and waited for it to do the legwork.

While the vape quality is pretty much as good as physically possible, some people like to use different heating temperatures, especially when using concentrates. Too high a temperature could sometimes mean less efficiency resulting in waste.

The Digit Vaporizer BalloonSo, the next logical step was to make this heating process much more versatile. Thanks to the inclusion of a simple digital display, users can now set their temperature precisely anywhere between 108 and 236 degrees centigrade.

It still takes around 3 minutes to fully inflate a balloon, but once done you’ll be surprised at how many pulls you can take from it – and of course, it powers off automatically when full.

For those who already have a Volcano device and are among the 99% of people who would never look back from owning one, then this may not be enough reason to splash out on an upgrade.

But for those yet to be converted to this style of ultimate vaping, there’s a clear enough reason to opt for this latest model simply because it offers that additional layer of versatility.

As concentrates become more common in the UK, this will become especially important so bear that in mind if you’re planning to treat yourself to a Volcano Digit vaporizer.

As Good As Vaping Gets

The hallmark of the Volcano brand is how assiduously their devices work when eliminating the vast majority of toxins from both dry and concentrate ingredients.

They estimate that it removes about 4/5ths of undesirable elements, which actually improves the quality of the active ingredients in both effect and flavour.

After regular use of both the classic and digital Volcano vaporizer styles, we wholeheartedly agree that this is as smooth and perfect a vape as you’ll ever get.

How Easy Is The Volcano Digit To Use?

Best Place To Buy

Those who have already invested in a Volcano product tend to never look back. But it can seem an unusual style for those who have not experienced it before.

Apart from being able to determine your own temperature, the device is really just an on/off button. All the technical wizardry takes place silently behind the scenes and includes all the temperature and circuit protection you’d expect to safely enjoy your vape.

Each balloon has a mouthpiece attached which automatically seals after every draw. So you can fill one up and enjoy at your leisure over several hours.

When disconnected, the device rapidly cools. This means you shouldn’t experience barely any unnecessary wastage (pro tip: you can attach another balloon to catch any fumes should you so desire).

The Easy Valve Set Adds Considerable Value

The Digit VaporizerA major improvement in this digital model is the inclusion of a comprehensive Easy Valve Set. These are replaceable but ought to last much longer than previous models.

The set includes five balloons, a screen set, air filter set and liquid pads. Not sure what the heck any of that means or what they do? It amounts to plenty of spares that ought to last even a daily user around a year before you need to order replacements (which are not going to break the bank either).

This isn’t just an amazing vaporizer. There’s no reason it shouldn’t last for many years with appropriate care. This needn’t mean wiping and polishing it down after every single use, just regular cleaning – a couple of minutes tops – and it will not let you down.

A cleaning kit is included (as well as a grinder) which has everything you need to look after your sparkling new Volcano Digit vaporizer.

Conclusion & Rating

It's clear to see that Storz & Bickel have listened to their loyal customer's opinions, and made only the improvements that seriously improve on what was already a near perfect product.

It's a worthy upgrade on the Volcano line and the Easy Valve Set is a seriously big step up in regards to overall quality, making this worthy of a place in any serious vaper's home.

While it carries a considerable price tag - don't forget this should last for years - it's very unlikely that vaping can get any better than this.

Once you have vaped from balloons it will be difficult to go back!

A significant improvement on a world-class design.
The finest quality vape you'll ever need.
Easy to use, clean and maintain.
Long lasting balloons and screens that are affordable and simple to replace when needed.
Ideal for personal and group enjoyment.
It's not portable (although the balloons are) and requires a plug socket to use.
Balloon vaping takes a little to get used to.
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