VSAVI CBD Oil Tongue Drops 500mg

VSAVI CBD Oil Drops 500mg

Voted the best value CBD drops for 2019

VSAVI CBD Oil Drops 500mgVSAVI are a company who take their CBD products very seriously indeed.

All of their oils and drops are manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade laboratory and even though the industry is unregulated (at time of writing) they adhere to TPD standards anyway.

These CBD drops are 100% natural, vegetarian, and unadulterated – meaning they don’t use any flavouring agents.

Even better they use organic olive oil as the transmission body which, as we shall explain later in this review, is a hallmark feature of any top-of-the-line CBD oil.

So does this range of products justify the admittedly pretty steep retail price? Let’s take a deeper look and find out.

500mg (5%) Is An Ideal Entry Strength

One of the issues that anyone ought to be aware of when taking up this kind of health supplement is that establishing a functioning dose can be tricky.

Primarily this is because everyone’s body chemistry and natural tolerance/resistance are different – and a simple fact is that for some people they will just naturally be immune regardless of the dosage they try.

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The VSAVI range of tongue drops ranges from 300mg (3%) all the way up to a whopping 1500mg (15%).

Tempting as it can seem to just start with the most powerful formula, it’s a really bad idea over the longer term. This is because the body will – over time and in most cases – develop a natural resistance which requires the strength of dosage to be slowly increased.

Starting out at maximum strength doesn’t leave anywhere else to go! Plus the higher concentrations are quite frankly eye-wateringly expensive.

So for newbies to the wonderful world of CBD, 500mg is pretty much the ideal strength to get experimenting with.

“The 500mg VSAVI tongue drops are an excellent choice.”

From long-term users of these drops, we can gather that most tend to take a dose two or three times per day before a meal.

Why before a meal? Primarily because all such products can cause a sudden crash in blood sugar levels so eating right after holding the drops under the tongue for a couple of minutes is a good idea (plus it helps clean the palette).

CO2 Extraction Is Far Superior To Solvent Methods

A common question we hear from people when discussing premium CBD oils/drops/liquids is why some are so much more expensive than others.

VSAVI CBD Oil Drops 500mgSurely in a roundabout way, they’re all pretty much the same, right? Wrong! Cheaper oils tend to use old-fashioned solvent-based extraction methods which are neither very effective or environmentally sound.

VSAVI (and other top manufacturers) use CO2 extraction methods which are considerably more work but result in a far purer and totally organic end product. If you’re worried about what this method involves, rest easy – it’s the same process used to decaffeinate coffee beans!

This process is totally natural/organic, leaves next to no environmental footprint, and results in a non-denatured product.

VSAVI also use fully organic olive oil as the transmission agent – and again this is a hallmark of any quality CBD tongue drop. Olive oil offers a natural protection that maintains the quality of the active CBD component for an indefinite period of time.

Even if used very sparingly over a long period of time, the oil will not degrade to any noticeable degree – and it helps improve the taste a little as well!


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Overall these tongue drops are a handy and convenient way of accurately dosing your CBD intake over the day.

It's a decent strength that will provide a quality but not utterly overwhelming dosage that's ideal for both new starters and experienced users.

Remember to apply the drops directly underneath the tongue for the most efficient rate of absorption, and hold the liquid there for a couple of minutes before swallowing and eating a meal.

The taste may not be the most palatable, but if you're receptive to CBD then the potential benefits are anecdotally speaking tremendous.

Designed and produced by one of the best names in the business, the 500mg VSAVI tongue drops are an excellent choice for all.

Available in 3 other strengths: 300mg, 1000mg and 1500mg.
Contains 100% organic olive oil
Free from contamination
Contains no THC
No artificial flavours
Made in pharma grade labs under strict control
Earn loyalty points
VSAVI is member of the Cannabis Trades Association
This is only a 10ml bottle, so you may wish to purchase more than one for a longer lasting supply.
The oil is unflavoured, so if you really dislike the taste of hemp this product may not be right for you. VSAVI have started offering a range of flavoured oils.
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