VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 1000mg

VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 1000mg

VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 1000mgVSAVI have earned a fantastic reputation for the quality and purity of their CBD products.

Not many other UK-based companies come close to them when it comes to the quality of hemp used across their range.

Only 100% organically grown plants sourced from licensed EU farms is considered for use in their vape oils and e-liquids – and the difference really is amazing.

A recent addition to their range has been a very high strength 1000mg vape oil that will deliver a fast-acting powerful dose.

So what makes this particular e-liquid stand out from the crowd?

Delivering A Superb Quality Extract

The vast majority of CBD companies will claim to offer the best quality extracts going – but the truth is that only a handful really deliver.

VSAVI take the quality of their extract to a level that few come close to matching. Quality hemp is all well and good, but the actual extraction method is just as important. They only use CO2 techniques that result in a totally natural, unadulterated and chemical/ethanol free product.

This makes a considerable difference when it comes to the final quality of the oil. Considering that this is also a very high concentration, there are not many better ways of taking in seriously top quality CBD.

Is 1000mg Too High A Strength?

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Not everyone is going to need such a high strength CBD e-liquid, and the vast majority of CBD vape oils will tend to be between 200mg and 500mg.

Establishing a suitable dose is a very personal thing, and can vary wildly between people.

Most who decide to use this level of strength will already have established that they need 1000mg to enjoy the benefit – just opting to start a routine at this level will likely be more than most actually need.

There’s no harm whatsoever in taking more than required as it will just benignly pass through the body anyway, but from a purely economic perspective, it can become quite expensive very quickly.

For those who do need a 1000mg strength, this is a fantastic option. It’s one of the highest quality examples of its kind on the market.

Why Vape 1000mg CBD E-Liquid?

An increasing trend recently has been people choosing to vape their CBD to complement a standard oil/capsule dose.

Vaping is without question the fastest and most efficient way to ‘top-up’ CBD levels as it hits the bloodstream right away and bypasses the digestive system. There’s simply far less wastage, with the only downside being that it will pass through the system a little bit quicker.

This e-liquid is entirely TPD compliant and contains only CBD and natural ingredients. So when you need to rapidly absorb a serious dose of CBD then there really are not many better options out there.

As should be expected, there’s no nicotine within this product or any artificial flavourings.

The aroma is pure hemp although it’s considerably easier going than most rival extracts.

If you really can’t get along with the taste, you can add some of your favourite juice to the tank – just do so sparingly to avoid crystallisation.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

If you're considering a high strength CBD vape liquid then this ought to be towards the top of anyone's list.

Purity really does go a long way when it comes to enjoying CBD and you can be assured that it doesn't get any better than the very high standards that VSAVI place on themselves.

We wouldn't recommend vaping at this level unless you know you need such a high strength concentrate.

For those who do, and especially like the option of being able to swiftly and efficiently take in their CBD, then this is the perfect product. Highly recommended!

High strength
PG-free and VG-free
Pure & organic
Good price
Not everyone will enjoy the "hempy" taste. Having said that, it's not overpowering.
This comes in a 10ml bottle so you may wish to purchase more than one for a longer-lasting supply.
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