VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 300mg

VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 300mg

VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 300mgVSAVI has carved something of a name for themselves in the CBD vaping scene with a focus on delivering organic, ethical and high-quality oils to a marketplace that lurches wildly in quality.

CBD vaping oils are typically a fair bit more expensive than standard nicotine-based e-liquids, so it’s especially important you’re getting real value for money.

Before getting into the specifics of the VSAVI CBD 300mg, it’s worth just pointing out a couple of general rules of thumb when shopping for any vape oil.

Stay clear of any flavoured CBD oils – they not only dilute the potency of the product, but obviously add an element of the artificial to what ought to be a fully natural product.

Also, always take time to look into the manufacturing process as some (as we shall shortly see) are far more ethical and effective than others.

Is 300mg Too Much?

Experts in the field are quick to point out that oils claiming to be especially powerful may actually be less effective than their weaker counterparts.

Generally speaking, they believe that 300mg is pretty much the ceiling when it comes to vaping efficiently and without risking damage to your equipment.

VSAVI also offer oils at 50mg and 100mg (which are correspondingly cheaper) and they may be more appropriate for new/casual users.

Yet if you’re in the market for a relatively high strength CBD vaping oilthis is a real contender for being one of the best available.

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What Makes VSAVI 300mg Stand Out?

Using an olive oil base ought to be the benchmark for any CBD manufacturer. This entirely natural substance helps preserve the quality for an essentially indefinite period of time compared to other base agents.

All VSAVI vape oils use this technique so it’s no surprise to see it used here in their top of the line product, but it’s once again worth reiterating how important this simple factor can be.

Moving on to the manufacturing process, and this may as well be the blueprint for how a CBD oil ought to be produced.

Using CO2 extraction methods instead of using chemicals is not just environmentally sound but also allows for a much better overall quality. This lays the foundations for what is an entirely organic, gluten free, 100% vegetarian, organic and overall extremely ethical product.

If you’re looking for a CBD vape without propylene glycol, this is a fantastic product to choose.

How Does It Perform?

A vape oil of this strength may be overkill for some people who simply don’t need this level of strength.

Finding the right personal dose is the big headache when it comes to using CBD oil as everyone’s body chemistry and natural tolerance varies.

Some will find that regular vaping on just a 50mg oil will be plenty good enough, yet others may need the sheer strength of the VSAVI 300mg oil or even higher to feel any benefit.

People who enjoy the taste of CBD will find that this is noticeably richer than lower grade options. That’s not to say it’s unpleasant – just a little richer and perhaps ‘earthier’ than what current users may have experienced before.

Considering also that this is only a 10ml bottle unless you are lucky enough to be made of money this oil does not economically lend itself to sub-ohm style vaping.

That being said, it would be a great choice for people who look to take a dose three or four times a day and want to be certain that they are receiving a ‘full hit’ straight to the bloodstream.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Sure, it's expensive but this is an elite-level CBD vape oil that's intended for specialist/experienced users who have already established their effective dose.

There's no arguing that in regards to production standards it's simply second to none, and VSAVI can be rightly proud at having developed such a quality high strength oil.

Just be aware that it may not necessarily be the best choice for those totally new to CBD.

Also available in higher and lower strengths
Excellent quality pure oil
Well trusted manufacturer
Pharmaceutical grade
Organic & natural
100% vegetarian
No additives, artificial colours, flavourings or PG
Earn loyalty points
VSAVI is member of the Cannabis Trades Association
This is only a 10ml bottle, so you may wish to purchase more than one for a longer lasting supply.
Not everyone will enjoy the original flavour. They've recently released a range of flavoured vaping oils which may take your fancy.
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