VSAVI Flavoured CBD E-Liquid

VSAVI Flavoured CBD Vape Oils

VSAVI Flavoured CBD Vape OilsVSAVI have a superb reputation when it comes to delivering truly top quality CBD extracts.

By our estimation, they’re comfortably one of the best names on the UK scene in regards to purity and consistency. You can read our full company review for them here.

That being said, before now, they haven’t been an automatic go-to for CBD e-liquids. The ones they’ve released in the past have been top class, but simply lacked flavoured options.

For a company that produces outstanding high VG e-liquids with some of the best flavours going, this struck us as a little odd.

Needless to say, when we heard that they’ve recently released a far broader range we had to take a try.

Not only are VSAVI offering a good quality range in terms of strength and concentration, but they’re now offering flavoured options alongside their “Original” flavour.

The presence of full spectrum vape oils, including all those lovely terpenes and cannabinoids that tend to be rather neglected in the CBD e-liquid scene added further to our excitement.

So how did they do when put to the test? Let’s take a closer look.

A Great Range Of Strengths

Something many people who vape their CBD find frustrating is figuring out a dose that works for them.

With the latest VSAVI range, you’ll find that they offer a 50mg (0.5%) option ranging all the way up to a cool 1,000mg.

There are also 100mg, 300mg and 500mg options, which speaking from personal experience, are around the level most people get on with. 50mg is a bargain at their current price point – and makes casual, around the clock CBD vaping far more affordable than it has been before. But the 1000mg option will, as expected, leave a hearty hole in anyone’s bank balance.

Quality Makes A Huge Difference

Best Place To Buy

While vaping CBD continues to become an ever more popular way of dosing, quality really does count.

Whether taken alone or as a supplementary method to capsules or oil drops, the important factor is to never neglect quality. You can have the best quality hemp on the market, yet if extracted using nasty chemicals (ethanol being the worst) you’ll end up with a distinctly second-rate extract.

VSAVI only source their hemp from the best – licensed – cannabis plantations in the EU. All of these plants are organically grown and cultivated.

When it comes to extracting the CBD, they use a 100% CO2 process that is the absolute benchmark of any good product. Alongside the key extract, they also include “full spectrum” cannabinoids and terpenes that tend to be wiped out by less benign methods.

Flavour Options

There’s a mounting body of research that suggests full spectrum ranges are simply a more effective way of carrying the key extract through the body. Sure, it may not be to everyone’s immediate taste, but if it comes to the crunch we’d always recommend these ahead of anything calling itself ‘pure’ extract. The VSAVI range includes options which are specifically produced to reinforce these essential elements.

So What About The Flavours?

Available FlavoursNow the science is out of the way, here’s an appraisal on what to expect from the latest VSAVI line of CBD e-liquids.

These guys really do know how to produce delicious juices – in fact, it amazes us they haven’t expanded their traditional e-juices recently.

For those who (like us) prefer a totally natural taste jam-packed with terpene richness, look no further than the “OG Kush With Terpenes”. It’s a genuinely delicious e-liquid, packed full of natural goodness and vapes very easily on the body and throat.

For anyone vaping CBD as a supplement to a standard dose (oil or capsule) then it’s difficult to see anything as good on the market right now.

In terms of their flavoured CBD vape oils, they currently offer the following flavours:

  • Lemon Haze with terpenes
  • OG Kush with terpenes
  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Mango
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Peach
  • Blueberry
  • Orange
  • Vanilla

They’re excellent examples of what you’d expect from premium e-liquids – and the fact that they’re also inclusive of CBD just makes them even better.

At a push, we’d lean towards Strawberry being the highlight – but it’s a personal choice. The Apple is zesty, and the Lemon Haze even more so – possibly leaning on being a little overpowering for first-time vapers. Yet the Strawberry is sweet without being sickly, and a great choice for a daily go-to.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.


Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

VSAVI have done themselves proud with this selection.

Yes - there are others out there that have a broader variety - but if you want a CBD e-liquid that is as good as it gets, lean towards either their original flavour vape oils or one of these flavoured options.

Available in three strengths: 100mg, 300mg and 500mg
Available in a choice of 11 delicious flavours
Contains terpenes
Reputable company
Fast UK Delivery
Not suitable for those who have an intolerance to Propylene Glycol (PG). For those that do, we recommend their Original option.
Supplied in 10ml bottles, so you may need to buy more than one for a longer lasting supply.
Buy Direct From VSAVI