VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Vape Kit

VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Vape Kit

VSAVI is well known for being one of the best names in the CBD business.

Renowned for using only the best fully organic hemp – extracted by eco-friendly CO2 techniques – they’re a superb option for those who really want CBD of the highest order.

One product that VSAVI specialise in is their full spectrum CBD oil – which retains many additional components of the plant that are typically lost when manufacturing isolates.

But let’s face it – tincture oils aren’t for everyone – which is why their release of a full spectrum vape kit has caused something of a storm!

But is it worth the money? We’ve put this specialist vape kit thoroughly through its paces, and here’s what we found…

What’s In The Box?

Let’s begin by taking a look at the product itself. VSAVI have released this very much with brand new vapers in mind – so don’t expect a futuristic looking device belching clouds of unnecessary vapour!

Truth be told – to enjoy vaping CBD you simply don’t need a high profile/expensive device either – a simple vape pen will do, and that’s what’s provided here.

The device provided is a discreet, pocket-sized 4.2V pen which is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is screw it together, turn it on and you’re basically ready to go.

The pen itself is nicely designed with a sleek polished finish. So far so good in our estimation!

Moving on, the rest of the kit comprises of a USB smart charger, an instruction guide and a 10ml bottle of CBD-infused full spectrum raw vape juice.

Let’s now have a look at the quality of the juice provided.

Excellent Quality Vape Liquid

Best Place To Buy

The liquid itself is an 80/20 mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) to Vegetable Glycerin (VG). For those new to the vaping game, these are ingredients used across the food industry and are perfectly safe to enjoy.

That ratio provides only light clouds which by our estimation is perfectly right for enjoying CBD. After all, what’s the point in needlessly wasting your liquid? It’s a sensible blend – again geared towards newcomers – which is smooth on the throat and by no means overwhelming.

Buyers can choose which strength they’d like supplied with their kit – either 100mg/10ml bottle or a more powerful 300mg/10ml bottle.

The CBD itself is a true full spectrum variety that’s packed full of additional cannabinoids, minerals and carries a very impressive 34% terpene rate. You just don’t find much better quality organic CBD e-liquidson the market, and that’s the real attraction of the VSAVI CBD vape kit. It really is ‘the real deal’.

Which strength should you opt for? Well, that comes down to personal taste, but we’d say that 100mg is a little on the light side. Quality matters more than strength when it comes to full spectrum e-liquids, but we’d recommend that the 300mg option actually delivers superior overall value for most people.

VSAVI Full Spectrum Vape Kit

Why Vape CBD?

You may wonder what the advantages are for vaping CBD when you could take capsules, slather on balms, or enjoy the classic tincture drops instead (alongside many other options).

It all comes down to wastage. Vaping offers quite simply the best way of making sure that your dose immediately and fully hits the bloodstream.

There’s little to no wastage whatsoever compared to the other options available, for instance, capsules must pass through the digestive tract and may lose 20-50% of efficiency depending on which report you believe.

Tincture oils have to be held under the tongue and inevitably some will be swallowed causing the same problem.

By our estimation vaping offers a fantastic way to dose CBD and it’s good to see VSAVI producing such high quality kits which help introduce newcomers to the advantages that it may offer.

Even people who already vape may simply not to mix up CBD with their daily go-to device, making this kit a viable way to have a second carry.


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Click GET CODE to view discount coupon. Valid code. No expiry date. No minimum order value.
Conclusion & Rating

Anyone looking to try CBD or looking for a really high-quality dedicated vape pen needs to take a serious look at this kit.

The liquid supplied is second to none, and the pen more than stands up to the job.

It's extremely simple to use and requires very little in the way of maintenance or care - although remember that as with all pen devices the mini-tank will need to be replaced after approximately 15 refills (these costs next to nothing, so don't worry).

Overall, we're extremely impressed by this kit. VSAVI could have supplied a more powerful - and expensive - device but they know what they're doing by using a simple yet great quality pen.

It most certainly helps to offer an affordable way for people to enjoy world-class CBD vaping - and that's only a very good thing indeed.

Brilliant kit that contains everything you need to vape full spectrum CBD e-liquids.
Decent quality vape pen that's going to deliver without any hassle whatsoever.
Supplied with one of the best quality full spectrum e-liquids on the market.
Easy to use and ideal for beginners.
Sleek and discreet.
Mini-tank will need to be replaced every so often but that's standard for any vape pen.
No wall adapter for charging provided (but frankly we're nitpicking now!).
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