VSAVI Reviews & Why They Are The Best CBD Brand In The UK

VSAVI Reviews

VSAVI is without question one of the biggest and best names in the British CBD scene.

Renowned for the quality of their products, they’ve also been at the forefront in raising awareness of the potential benefits that cannabis derivatives may hold.

As a core member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTAUK), they especially emphasise the importance of purity when it comes to undertaking a CBD routine.

Using only the best hemp alongside natural growing and extraction processes, they really do set the marks when it comes to what people ought to expect from a UK manufacturer.

As may be expected, they have a very loyal customer base for this reason – so let’s take a closer look and see quite why they are widely regarded as the best in the business.

What Makes VSAVI Stand Out?

Plenty of companies try to stress the exacting standards they use when manufacturing their extracts – but the truth is that some are considerably better than others.

The UK scene is largely unregulated and there are no established ‘standards’ regarding harvesting or production.

Frustratingly, this means that second-rate companies (and there are a lot out there) can freely advertise their products as being ‘pure’ or ‘natural’ even though they may have used every chemical imaginable during their production cycle.

But when VSAVI claim to only sell ‘pure CBD oil’ it really is the case.

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They use only organically grown hemp – meaning no chemical-based fertilisers, growth agents, insecticides or other unpleasant additives are used during cultivation.

When it comes to extraction, they exclusively employ only CO2 methods which despite being more expensive and time-consuming, results in a far superior end product. No solvents or alcohol are ever used. So it’s up to the end consumer to decide which kind of ‘pure’ they prefer. Personally, we’d always side with VSAVI!

Just as important regarding purity is the quality of facilities used during the extraction stage.

Many people tend to associate organic, free grown hemp with dirtiness. That’s simply not the case – at least with this company.

They use 100% clean room laboratories akin to those used in pharmaceutical industries. So what this equates to is a little bottle of truly premium grade CBD.

On offer are not just isolates but also ‘full spectrum’ (inclusive of many additional terpenes and cannabinoids) and naturally flavoured e-liquids too.

Regardless of the option selected, you know that it’s going to always be the real deal.

Product Line-Up

Product Highlights

So we’ve covered how VSAVI set the benchmark when it comes to purity, but what about the standout products in their range?

Although they do also vend nicotine-free standard e-liquids with a high vegetable glycerin (VG) content for vape enthusiasts, their real focus is on their CBD oils and liquids.

Vaping Oils

VSAVI E-Liquids

They offer a range of pure CBD e-liquids.

In regards to their e-liquids, it’s important to mention that they’re fully compliant with EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) standards which by no means can be said for many rival companies. With this in mind, let’s see what they have on offer.

The VSAVI CBD e-liquids ranges from a very mild 50mg concentration up to a whopping 1000mg. While there are stronger concentrates available, the vast majority of people ought to find their 300mg option beneficial.

As well as the earthy and natural full spectrum option, there are also an additional 11 different flavours to choose from. These are very tasty indeed!

Most people settle with the natural unflavoured e-liquids. We tested the 300mg option and found it to be a delicate and indeed very lightly fragranced vape.

Some people struggle with the more full-on whole spectrum varieties, but the ‘typical’ CBD isolate is an especially easy going experience with a balanced level of cloud production.

All too often companies include too much cloud bearing VG in their e-liquids, meaning of course that customers burn through it far quicker. Instead, VSAVI has made the intelligent call of keeping it as close to a standard e-liquid as possible (80/20 PG/VG ratio). Their products are also vegan and kosher friendly.

Oil Drops


They manufacture their oils solely from high grade hemp extracts.

In regards to their oils, there is once again a nice spread in concentrations ranging from 300mg to 1500mg.

As would be expected, these will increase proportionately in expense the higher you go, but for those starting out on CBD and needing to establish a ‘working dose’, it’s a sensible selection to work with.

VSAVI themselves include a straightforward guide to help use their products/find the sweet spot, and as usual, this involves slowly upping your intake until you find a level that works.

Refreshingly, they don’t direct their new customers straight to the higher concentrations which may well be unnecessarily strong/expensive.

While it’s not our place to suggest or speculate regarding individual doses and potential benefits, we’d claim from personal experience that even their 500mg strength oil will likely be more useful than many other rival products.

This is again thanks to it being really pure and high grade – which in our estimation makes it considerably better than equivalent “500mg” or “5%” compounds. It’s especially noticeable in their full spectrum oil, with those dozens of additional cannabinoids really capable of making a difference.

Any Concerns?

It’s difficult to find much to actually criticise about VSAVI’s range of products. They quite simply have as good a quality extract as it’s possible to make!

If there were any issues regarding this we’d be on it like a flash, but it’s as close to a perfect blueprint of what to look for when selecting a vendor as it gets.

That being said, there are drawbacks by so emphatically focussing on quality ahead of quantity. Their overall selection is comparatively quite limited compared to some of the other big names out there.

In absolute honesty, we don’t think many people are going to need super strength e-liquids, but an option somewhere between 500mg to 1000mg would be a welcome addition for more moderate consumers.

What We’d Like To See

We have no doubt that VSAVI is never going to compromise on their exacting standards. It’s what makes them unique and in our estimation they are the best CBD company to buy from in the UK.

However, considering the quality of the extract they possess, why not extend it in to a wider range? It wouldn’t require much effort.

Even developing oral sprays (which are more convenient than oil drops), capsules for those who struggle with the taste of hemp, and sub-ohm vaping oils would be great steps forward for this tremendous brand.


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Conclusion & Rating

Our criticisms are really more nitpicking than anything else.

VSAVI do what they currently do better than anyone, and while it's slightly bewildering why they've not extended their range (they've been around a while) we certainly aren't complaining.

Their core products are outstanding and that's what really matters.

Overall, they are a thoroughly impressive operation and it's easy to understand why have such a loyal following from their existing customers.

We'd especially recommend that current users of CBD at least try out one of their ranges and see how it performs compared to their current go-to option. The chances are that VSAVI's products will perform even better!

Fantastic range of products
Products are made from only the finest quality hemp
Customer service is second to none
Fast delivery service
Well trusted company
We would love to see their range of products develop even further.
Their packaging isn't the most glamorous, but don't let that put you off.
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