What Are The Most Popular Ways Of Ingesting CBD?

Popular Ways Of Ingesting CBD

Popular Ways Of Ingesting CBD

CBD has enjoyed quite a boom in popularity over the last couple of years, yet newcomers to the scene often wonder which is the best way of taking their ‘dose’.

It can certainly seem a little confusing at first – after all these cannabis plant derivatives (which will not get you high) can be consumed in a wide variety of ways.

Truth be told, there really isn’t a standout best way to ensure you may receive the best results from your CBD. It really does come down quite simply to personal choice.

So let’s take a look at the most popular ways to ingest CBD and factor in some pros and cons of each method:


CBD OilsThis is probably the most traditional way of consuming these extracts, but be aware that there is a wide disparity in quality.

Always look for CBD oils that use either organic olive or coconut oil as these retain the integrity of the CBD extract by far the longest – and taste better too!

Most bottles come with either a drip nozzle or in a spray format, and this needs to be applied directly under the tongue for the best and swiftest absorption into the bloodstream.

Remember that these are hemp extracts which aim to retain as little THC (the psychoactive part of the plant) as possible.

Top quality oils will retain less than 0.3% THC – indicating that the oil has been produced using the best hemp and finest quality extraction methods.


Vape Oils & E-liquidsNo CBD e-liquid will include any nicotine or other addictive components or nasty toxins, making this a realistic choice for those who may never have vaped before.

The advantage of vaping is that compared to any other method, it’s the most effective way of ingesting the active components right into the body with very little wastage.

What this means is that a little can stretch a long way. It’s a convenient, clean, and for many people, a tasty way of taking both occasional and regular dosages.

The vape scene can seem a maze to those completely new to the scene, but be aware that there is no need whatsoever for some super-duper setup.

A simple, basic CBD vape pen is all that is needed but of course, it may also be used in fancier kits as well.

For convenience sake, there are preloaded disposable CBD vape pens available. These are ideal for people wishing to take first steps in vaping CBD.

Alternatively, you may wish to check out ‘additives‘ which are concentrated e-liquids that can be applied to your current favourite e-liquid.

There’s even the possibility of ‘dabbing’, which involves melting a solidified concentrate and using a specialist pen to inhale with.


CBD CapsulesThey may seem a little unexciting but for long-term, straightforward CBD use there’s certainly scope for considering CBD capsules.

Consider these two advantages they have other other methods.

First, they are pretty much tasteless and can be swallowed down just as easy as any other food supplement.

Secondly, while they aren’t super-fast acting they provide a slow release of the extract into the system, making them great for people who have found their ‘sweet spot’ dosage and wish to maintain it in the easiest way going.

Bear in mind that they are available in varying strengths and it’s best to taper on gradually as the body will develop resistance over time.


CBD PasteTaken in a similar way to oil drops – right under the tongue – which means you will have to taste the product which not everyone likes, these are a specialist way of taking a regular dose.

Generally, they come either as a tube or via a pot which is then applied via a syringe for easy measurement.

There are even niche styles out there which are designed to be taken at night-time.

It may seem like an unusual way to take your dose, but it can be very effective with regards to absorption into the body.


CBD GummiesReally dislike the taste of CBD but would still like to appreciate the potential benefits? Edibles may just be the perfect solution.

These usually come as sweets or “gummies” which are tasty, chewable and often rather delicious! Stick to the allotted dose and keep safe from kids.

While CBD is fine for children (as it is for adults) in appropriate doses, it’s never a good idea to take too much and we always recommend speaking with your doctor before consuming any form of cannabidiol.

Added To Food

There’s no reason why oil or paste cannot just be added to food or drink.

Plenty of people find that dropping their CBD into a smoothie or suchlike completely masks the flavour, and is an easy way to take it as part of a generally healthy daily routine.

Sure, the compromise is that it will take longer to hit the bloodstream as it needs to go through the digestive tract, but it’s a method to consider if oral dropping/spraying or vaping is not for you.

Topical Balm

CBD Infused BalmsThis is a very interesting solution for folks who just cannot stand any other way of taking CBD.

A growing range of skin balms integrate CBD into their formulas, which can be smoothly spread wherever you wish.

It’s an interesting way of absorbing cannabidiol, and it could be a perfect solution for those who already use such ointments.

Expect to see quite an expansion in this interesting option over the next couple of years as the potential benefits of this supplement become ever more mainstream.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered all the main options for how to take CBD, and as ought to quite clear, there really is something for everyone.

The debate will likely never end over which is the ‘best’ as it really does depend on personal preference.

But if you’re interested in the potential benefits of this amazing extract, there’s a method to suit everyone.