What Are The Potential Side Effects To CBD Oil?

The Side Effects Of Taking CBD

The Side Effects Of Taking CBD

If you believed all the current hype surrounding CBD you’d be thinking that this is a “wonder drug” capable of curing all of humanity’s woes with no unpleasant side effects.

Truth be told, this assessment is only partially correct.

Quality extracts may help reduce the symptoms of physical or psychological issues. Everyone is different and finding a working dose can be frustrating, but it can be effective for a large proportion of people. Which brings us to the thorny issue of side effects.

It cannot be stressed enough that the consumption of CBD is perfectly safe, non-addictive and it’s impossible to overdose.

This is why it’s so lightly regulated because it’s appropriately considered a health supplement and certainly not an intoxicant.

Many hundreds of studies dating as far back as the early 1980s have discovered that regardless of dosage there are no universally observable negative side effects from consuming pure CBD.

So why do a small minority of people report that they are feeling poorly after starting a course?

Research Suggests That CBD Has No Common Side Effects

One of the reasons why research into CBD has dragged its heels for decades is that the majority of studies tend to have been focused on application towards specific health issues.

Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to measure actual common side effects because it’s impossible to explain why one group of subjects experienced some unwanted effects and others did not. The only logical reasoning is that these symptoms are related to the condition and not actually the intake of CBD.

For the general user, this paints a confusing and often contradictory picture. There is no set answer to ‘will I start feeling a dry mouth?’ or ‘am I at risk of hypotension?’.

Throw in the fact that people take it for everything from general anxiety disorder to helping recover after a workout and it becomes extraordinarily difficult to isolate common side effects. So what research ought we trust?

One standout series of studies dating back to 2006 is worth commenting on. Primarily looking into the long-term application of cannabis use for Huntington’s Disease, these forward-thinking researchers also isolated a side study into the consequences of using various measures of CBD over a 30 day period.

All of the volunteers used were certifiably healthy and had no significant health conditions that may have imbalanced their findings. At the end of the study, all of the subjects were assessed for physical, neurological and psychiatric health and found to still be perfectly healthy.

Can we take this study as indicative that research quality CBD carries no clear side effects? On its own, of course not, but the same findings have been replicated over the years since.

So how much does the quality of the actual extract matter when it comes to side effects?

Symptoms Of Taking CBD Oil

Product Quality May Be The Key

Some anecdotal side effects that have been occasionally reported include a dry mouth, feeling light-headed, drowsiness, digestive problems, headaches, mood alterations and even a sensation of being ‘high’.

Of course, it’s very difficult to rule out CBD as having been behind these symptoms, but the fact is that for an overwhelming majority of people there is simply nothing to report.

Naturally, this begs the question of what were they taking and was it actually a real, good quality extract?

Our thoughts on this issue would be to first take a very close look at what you are taking and where it was purchased from.

There’s absolutely no evidence or scientific reason why genuine CBD oils should cause any kind of unpleasant reaction.

Remember that it’s impossible to take too much, there are no ceiling limits, and that even when working to alleviate symptoms the actual process is undetectable. There is no ‘slash bang my CBD is working’ moment. It just doesn’t work that way.

What can be said with unfortunate certainty is that are a good number of vendors out there taking advantage of a lightly regulated market and selling bad products. False or incorrect labeling is a common problem, especially for higher strength concentrates at lower than expected prices.

Only ever trust established companies who can not only document and prove all aspects of their extraction and manufacturing process – crucially, they must demonstrate regular batch testing to confirm the advertised purity and strength of their range. Any reputable company will be more than willing to provide these proofs upon request and there is nothing to be lost from asking!

Final Thoughts

CBD does not produce some kind of magical shield that protects users from getting ill.

Sure, it may play a great part in boosting the immune system amongst many other beneficial processes, but bad things still happen.

You may still get an occasional headache, tummy ache or just feel stressed out anyway.

Blaming CBD for these ailments is often shortsighted and even if there is a causal connection it’s almost certainly down to taking a bad product.

People are different, and in rare cases, people may have such a strong endocannabinoid system naturally that they do not feel any advantages from additional supplementation.

But taken as part of a wider picture, there are very few, if any, common side effects from taking good quality extracts.