Why Don’t I Feel Any Effects From CBD? It May Be For These Reasons

Why Don’t I Feel Any Effects From CBD?

Why Don’t I Feel Any Effects From CBD?

Perhaps the most common issue people have when taking up a CBD routine is simply not ‘feeling’ any positive effects.

It can be quite disheartening at first, but before throwing in the towel take the time to look into why it seems not to be working.

Before getting started, it’s important to stress that CBD is a naturally benign organic extract that contains none of the psychoactive effects found in THC.

While of the cannabinoid family, you will not ‘feel’ any sense of intoxication or buzz. It’s a supplement intended to supplement and support the body by addressing symptoms. Were we to think of the body as a computer, it would be a background process silently helping everything else work accordingly.

Understanding Why It May Not Be ‘Working’

Those who have done their research will have noticed that pretty much all manufacturers offer only the vaguest guidelines regarding suggested dosage.

Funnily enough, this isn’t because they want you to consume an unnecessarily large amount of their product – it is mainly for legal reasons.

Although CBD is perfectly safe and people can consume staggeringly high amounts with no proven ill effect, the real reason is that people are different.

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate all kinds of bodily processes. Assuming everything is in order, it works away quite happily by itself. But, of course, all systems tend to fail eventually.

Thinking back to our computer analogy, this could be because of a virus or hardware failure that causes the system to slow down or underperform. In order to fix it, we have to take deliberate action.

In regards to our body, when we suffer an illness, disease or another ailment that causes an imbalance in our endocannabinoids we cannot produce enough to automatically fix it.

This is where CBD (both full and broad spectrum which we discuss here) can come to the rescue.

We can only fairly report that many people have found a good quality CBD supplement has helped them overcome all sorts of issues. Anything from mood, recall, and cognitive senses through to digestive, cardiovascular and even reproductive functions are reported to have been supported successfully by CBD in some people.

The point is to be aware that it addresses the symptoms in the sense that it may make you feel ‘less bad’ than before.

Are You Taking An Appropriate Dose?

Such is the million pound question asked by literally everyone when taking up CBD.

As the medical profession has become more enlightened towards the potential restorative and protective qualities of cannabinoid supplementation, so too have doctors paid more attention to ascertaining what dosage someone ought to start with.

Unfortunately there’s no straightforward answer. Everyone is genetically different and some ailments may require wildly varying quantities to have any significant beneficial effect.

The best advice is irritatingly the most sensible – start low and gradually build up your intake until you feel the benefit.

For general supplementation over the long term, 25-40mg/day is an approximate guideline. Yet as mentioned above, some people need literally hundreds of times that amount. It’s a very personal matter and there just isn’t one size fits all option. Sure, you could start off on an enormous dose but then you’ll 99% of the time just be taking far more than you actually need.

Also, bear in mind that cannabinoids are naturally attracted towards fat. They are more than happy to just be soaked up this way instead of getting into the bloodstream where they are actually useful.

Some trials have found that people with lower body fat percentages have found the most success with CBD. We don’t subscribe to that theory, but it does highlight why body shape/size can significantly influence the course of finding that ideal dose.

Those with higher fat percentages should consider working up to a higher dose after a few weeks assuming no benefit is being experienced.

Be Open-Minded & Experiment

There are plenty of ways to take your CBD.

Some people stick to a set routine, others just take it as needed. In both cases, this may be via vaping (fastest acting but shorter-lived) or oral methods such as oil drops and sprays (slower acting but longer-lasting).

Quite a number of people find that taking a set quantity as you would with any other daily supplement, yet supported by vaping when necessary, is an effective system.

You cannot overdose on CBD and no quantity will make you remotely high or fail a drugs test. Likewise, CBD e-liquids usually contain no nicotine and are not addictive/carcinogenic etc.

So if vaping simply is not your scene, then fair enough it’s time to instead look at your dosage. Try taking more and ensure that you have a good quality product.

How To Tell A Quality CBD Product

An annoying fact about this vibrant yet still young industry is that there still remain plenty of low-grade products on the shelves.

There’s honestly no reason to be tempted by their low prices because poor quality oils/drops/liquids are far less likely to be beneficial to health.

At the time of writing, there have been quite a number of ‘budget’ suppliers being exposed for flogging products with either far less or even zero actual CBD content. No wonder it isn’t helping!

So what is a quality product? Look for a quality strength that is certifiably batch tested. All the top companies will perform this as a matter of course and if in doubt send them an email asking for documented proof of CBD content.

Next, check out their extraction processes. You should aim for companies that use only natural organic hemp and a CO2 based chemical-free extraction process. Oils should be olive or coconut oil based to prevent degradation and preserve the active contents.

Don’t assume we’re just being ‘right on’ by stressing this – these are the surefire signs of a decent product and any company not adhering to these guidelines is quite possibly not very good.

It Takes Time & Maybe Consider Full-Spectrum Extracts

You cannot rush CBD. It’s a health supplement and as such takes time to become established and settled within the body.

Never assume it’s a magic lotion that within a week will cure all ailments – it just does not work that way.

Patience and experimentation are the keys – but of course, that is only so useful when you are sure that your dosage is appropriate.

One option that a growing number of people are taking to are full-spectrum CBD extracts. These contain over 100 additional cannabinoids as well as plenty of other plant terpenes which are not found in pure oils/liquids.

While they do carry the unmistakable musky taste of hemp, they are a really comprehensive way of boosting your intake of many other essentials which could help boost the overall effectiveness of the core ingredient.

Those who have tried upping their dose of top quality extracts but still without success ought to consider full-spectrum before giving up all hope.